BTS RM Secrets Revealed: THIS Is What RM Does When He Sips On A Couple Of Drinks More!

BTS RM spills the tea on his other 3 unique habits after getting drunk

Although it looks like we are just getting to know South Korean band BTS, they have already touched the skies with their bag full of accomplishments in the last 6 years. A lot of hard work has led to the position they are now in. The members sing, rap, dance, write and compose music which brings sheer delight to our ears.

Interestingly, it has happened that when the members of BTS have a couple of drinks with each other, its all fun and games. They all possess different habits when they consume alcohol beyond their capacity and that makes it even more amusing.

Their fans are also aware that all the English words on his mind start flowing from his mouth. Due credits to a fan, RM ended up sharing three more of his habits while intoxicated. He rejected the options of randomly dancing, placing kisses on anyone near him, or bursting into tears from becoming emotional. Instead, RM disclosed the two routes he prefer. When in feelings of good cheer, he laughs like there’s no tomorrow and sings like he’s in his own private space.


One major takeaway is that whenever RM gets drunk, he’s fun to be around.

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