WATCH: BTS V Labelled Jungkook As The ‘Intruder’ When The Latter Tried to Barge Into Jimin’s Privacy

BTS V called Jimin the "intruder" for barging into Jimin's privacy

Interestingly, the friendship amongst all three members of BTS‘s maknae line is truly gripping. Being the three youngest members of the group, the entire companionship between V, Jungkook and Jimin is something that adds a spark and some amount of beauty to the whole group’s dynamics.

Jungkook and V loves cuddling each other when sleeping, and V also likes taking a dig at Jungkook especially when he accidentally spilled juice all over him, instead of apologizing to him. V and Jimin regard each other as “soul mates”, having been close friends since they pursued education in the same school before debuting in BTS.

Jimin and Jungkook already have a cute “push-and-pull” relationship when Jungkook loves teasing Jimin and Jimin likes caring for him as a cute younger sibling. This whole scenario made quite evident during the time when V and Jimin were in-charge of making food for the group. During this time, Jungkook “interrogated” Jimin playfully and asked him the reason of chopping the cucumbers a certain way.

Jimin continued chopping and Jungkook kept on interrogating, so V made an effort to stand between the two and he asked Jungkook to “go away”. Jungkook understood that it was not an offence and that V was just playing with him, so he nodded. And turned around to exit from the scene.

The pair once again showed that they are truly soul mates living in their own “world” when V told Jimin that he successfully got rid of the “intruder”. Jimin appreciated the gesture and they continued cooking their own recipes for the whole group to feast on afterwards. The scene was indeed an adorable sight to behold.


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