Actual Height And Weight Of Each BTS Member Revealed

BTS Members Height And Weight: How Tall & Heavy Are BTS Members Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, & Jungkook.

Are you a fan of BTS members? If yes, you must be curious to know about BTS member’s height and weight. You would be shocked to know that the profiles of BTS shown on Naver, Daun and Google are not inaccurate.

Don’t fret, BTS ARMY has released the actual and authentic measurement of each BTS members. In this article, we will be talking about BTS member’s height and weight and at the end of this article, you will be able to decide which BTS member is the tallest?

Before we reveal the actual body measurement of BTS members, you should know that not a single idol’s height is above 170 cm and weight less than 70 kgs.

BTS Members Height And Weight

1. RM

BTS RM Height Weight

Everyone knows that BTS leader RM aka Kim Namjoon is the tallest member. He is 181 cm/5’11” tall and weighs around 67 kg/148 lbs. Besides being the tallest BTS member, RM is one of the heaviest BTS member as well.

2. JIN

BTS Members Height Weight

JIN aka Kim Seokjin’s height is 179 cm/5’10.5″. He is the second tallest members of BTS boy band. He weighs around 63 kg/139 lbs.

3.  V

BTS Members Height Weight

V aka Kim Taehyung’s height stand at 179 cm/5’10.5″. Yes, both JIN and V are of same size. They might have a height of same size, V weighs around 62 kg/137 lbs, which is a bit lower than JIN.

4. J-Hope

BTS Members Height Weight

J-Hope aka Jung Hoseok’s height stands at 177 cm/5’10”. He is considered as the third tallest member of BTS. Despite being one of the tallest BTS members, J-Hope weighs around 65 kg/143 lbs only.


BTS Members Height Weight

Suga  aka Min Yoongi is neither tallest nor shortest among the BTS member. He has an average height which stands at 176 cm/5’9″, but he’s the slimmest member of BTS, who weighs merely 59 kg/130 lbs!


BTS Members Height Weight

JIMIN might be one of the shortest members of BTS but he commands a humongous fan following across on social media platforms. His heights stands at 175 cm/5’9″. He’s also one of the lightest BTS members, weighing around 61 kg/134 lbs.

7. Jungkook

BTS Members Height Weight

Jungkook and J-Hope height are both 177 cm/5’10” tall. As compared to J-Hope, Jungkook is the little heaviest, weighing around 70 kg/154 lbs.

Don’t you think each member of BTS height and weight are 100 per cet perfect? What do you think about BTS members true body measurements, do let us know in the comment section below.

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