Here’s how BTS’s Jungkook reacted after V accidently spilled juice on him

"This is what life is all about", says V

The friendship that BTS’s V and Jungkook share is beyond words, an impeccable bond of friendship. Here are a few pictures and instances that prove that  these two are inseparable.

They are an amazing maknae pair

Did you know? V was the first  person Jungkook became close to after joining BTS. V and BTS expressed  the love they hold for each other.

V reveals that he adores and admires Jungkook for his innate talent and the desire to do beyond what’s expected of him.

The two often express their close friendship through skinship such as hugging each other

… cuddling together while they nap together

V and Jungkook have a mature understanding, so whenever something accidentally happens, they  have figured that a playful joke is better than an apology. Apology isn’t really an option here,the two understand each other more than a typical apology. So, when V accidentally spilled juice on Jungkook, this is what happened next.

Jungkook looked at V with a straight face and even glared at him, which is funny as you can see how he had a tough time from stopping himself to laugh.

Instead of apologizing V gave Jungkook a life lesson.

Jungkook, there are many instances like this in life…

Jungkook patiently listens to what V has to say. V then continues his “advice” and says, “this is what life is all about”. V then wipes the juice he spilled and Jungkook can’t stop smiling.

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