BTS’ Jungkook’s THIS reaction to Jimin and V’s profile left the ARMY in tears

As part of the FESTA 2020, Big Hit Entertainment released BTS members' profiles online. Check out RM, Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, V, Jungkook, and Suga's reaction on each other's profile.

BTS is creating an Internet uproar to give the ARMY the best FESTA 2020 celebration. The Bangton Boys are taking fans on a memorable ride filled with unforgettable moments, laughter, and happy joyful tears. The week began with Jungkook”s solo release of Still With You and the latest to add in the journey is the new BTS profiles shared by Big Hit Entertainment. The BTS Profile has band members speaking their heart out about each other. While every card was adorable it was Jungkook’s profile that left fans teary-eyed.

Jungkook listed what each K-pop member meant to him. He began with RM and called him a leader while naming Suga as his elderly. The singer called Jin his ‘Eldest brother like a friend’ and J-Hope his ‘bro’. He left the best for the last. He described Jimin as “You are Me & I am You” whereas he called Taehyung as his “commonality”.

His description left fans an emotional mess. The ARMY couldn’t stop talking about the
love Jungkook shares with ChimChim and V. “V is JK’s safe place, a common ground which means so comfortable and happy with that person. Taekookers we frickin won today,” a fan tweeted. “Ya are me and I am you BRO STOP MAKING ME CRY,” added another Twitter user.

After his response fans were eager to know what Jimin and V think of Jungkook. For Jimin, JK is like his “younger brother and for Taehyung he is a “Comedian applicant.” Jungkook is the band’s ‘cute friend’, ‘Bug heavy Doll and Jin’s ‘Jwaekae.’ Check out all the profiles below.

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