THIS is what BTS Jungkook replied when a male fan asked to go out with him

Here's how BTS Jungkook reacted when a male fan asked to go out with him

It’s absolutely not hidden that BTS has the world at their feet. The usual stereotype is ARMYs are usually composed of teenage girls, but the diversity of BTS’s fandom proves it wrong: some BTS fans are composed of elderly people as well.

This Grandma came to buy BTS merch and asked for JIMIN. Grandma looking for JIMIN merch / pics & talking about a girl (junior high) who keeps calling JIMIN her boyfriend & her husband so Grandma asked that girl whether JIMIN is her boyfriend ?! So cute

some even consist of parents who show support to their children for liking BTS. Some ARMYs are male fans who adores BTS and their music for a long time. Also Read | BTS’ Jungkook Smashes Billboard World Record With THIS Song

This Jin fanboy really captioned his reaction video with: “KIM SEOKJIN PLEASE YOU HAVE TO BUILD A COUNTRY. I WILL SERVE YOU”

Being a male fan is much more difficult, since one doesn’t really know how a male idol will react to him when you interact with them. But for BTS’s Jungkook, his interaction with male fans is the same as his interaction with female fans. Also Read | Watch How BTS Jungkook Left RM And J Hope In Awe With His Innate Creative Side

Take this moment, for example, when a male fan showed his support for Jungkook and playfully asked him to go out with him.

Fan: Although I’m a fanboy, I really love Jungkook very, very much. Do you want to go on a date with me? Hahaha

Jungkook: Courage… Haha. Alright!

This is not the first time Jungkook broke sterotypes related to homophobia and gender.

It’s really heartwarming to see BTS’s Jungkook speaking out on important societal concerns, such as toxic masculinity, homophobia and gender stereotypes about fashion.

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