BTS: Jungkook features among posters of global icons to promote social distancing in classrooms

Malaysia University cleverly uses famous celebrities' life-sized posters to promote social distancing.

At a time when the world is dealing with the danger of the COVID-19, it is essential for people to practice safety norms. Governments all over the world have been promoting social distancing norms for people to remain safe. Celebrities have not only made donations through charity but have also lent their platform to spread awareness about coronavirus.

Recently, a University in Malaysia came up with a brilliant idea of installing life-sized posters of famous global icons to promote safety norms in classrooms. This included popular Korean pop band BTS’ Jungkook.

While the danger of coronavirus still looms over everyone, students are losing out on their education. Universities around the world have either started online lectures or taken precautions for students to attend classes in person. Among institutions that followed the latter, Sunway University came up with the most interesting yet safe style of studying.

Taking to their Instagram handle, they uploaded a picture of a classroom. However, instead of the seats being filled by students, these were packed with large standees of influential icons like Serena Williams, Ed Sheeran, William Smith, Malala Yousafzai among many others.

Meanwhile, fans couldn’t help but notice their favorite K-Pop icon Jungkook making the list. The standee of BTS’ heartthrob Jungkook was placed exactly in the center of the third row. Fans also noticed the BTS official lightstick peeking from behind his shoulder.

The university deemed the standees the campus’s “Social Distancing Companions” to keep students company while reminding them to follow safety measures.

It is true that Jungkook is a global icon but we bet even he didn’t expect his picture to be used this way.

Take a closer look at the Sunway classroom here:

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