BTS: Jungkook Takes To Social Media To Add A New Milestone To His Quarantine Chronicles- Give A Read!

Bts Jungkook adds a new milestone to his quarantine diaries


BTS is currently getting ready for the release of Map of the Soul: The Journey, which marks the composition of septet’s fourth Japanese album. Also, Map of the Soul: The Journey comprises of a ballad titled Your Eyes Tell, which has been beautifully sung by Jungkook.

During FESTA 2020, fans were moved by Jungkook’s self-composed song Still With You, which went viral on the web. This song was a heartwarming tribute to all the fandom they have received.

However, during Break The Silence, Jungkook would often blurt about how BTS is the universe for him and that he wouldn’t let go of it for anything. “We’ve been a good influence on each other and we share similar dreams. Despite the emotional scars, we came together to talk, become motivated and supported each other,” Kookie came out with an honest confession. The Golden Maknae, when questioned how he would like to be viewed as by the rest of the members, gave an answer which melted our hearts.

“The youngest member who’s always causing trouble. I want them to think I’m a good person, that, ‘He’s a good kid.’ I’d like to be thought of as someone who is indispensable to BTS,” the 22-year-old singer admitted.

Added further, Kookie also ensured to update ARMY on his recent accomplishments, which shocked him quite a lot. According to the English translation by fellow ARMY member @doyou_bangtan, Jungkook wrote, “I’ll use the day in a manner that’s not wasteful. I just smashed through a book! (To think that I would [read] a book…)” Namjoon would be so proud of his Golden Maknae!

As Pinkvilla states, while ,BTS enjoys some leisure every now and then, the septet is also prepping up for their next album, which could have an expected October 2020 release. The upcoming album is going to be extremely important as each member has been assigned responsibilities; from producing to choreography.

During a recent V Live session, Jimin and Jungkook posted regular updates on the album sharing how all the members have contributed to the album , based on the theme.

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