Top 10 hot times BTS’s Jungkook flexed his muscular legs in ripped jeans

Jungkook needs to be responsible for raising the temperature.

BTS’s Jungkook is known for top 4 things – his amazing talent, his extremely charming looks, his fun personality and his irresistible muscular thighs. Also Read | 5 Times BTS Suga Donned Embarrassing Outfits

Jungkook an’t get enough of his ripped jeans so can the ARMY. Bless your eyes by taking a look at these dangerously hot ripped jeans looks here. 

When BTS Jungkook flexed his muscular legs in ripped jeans

1. From sweet to deadly in 10 seconds

2. He knows exactly how good he looks and it’s dangerous

3. Tall, fair and handsome

4. His city look is way too hot to handle

5. If only his expressions could kill

6. He makes the ripped jeans look classy

7. The man in black

8.  If only the knee ripped jeans was a pathway to you heart

9. White compliments his personality so well!


10. His jeans are as distressed as our lives

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