Watch how BTS Jungkook left RM and J Hope in awe with his innate creative side

Read to catch a glimpse of BTS' vocalist Jungkook's mysterious creative side

Let’s be brutally honest like how we cannot draw sketches as efficiently as Jungkook can and that too in just 20 minutes. He is a man of many hats, well-versed with singing, dancing and now he can draw as well.

The BTS member Jungkook demonstrated his artistic side in MAMA the waiting room and Bangtan TV right away decided to appreciate the ARMY with the visuals today. Dropping the new Bangtan Bomb, the video showcased Kookie’s creativity like never before.

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The singer turned towards his canvas with a marker in his hand and began drawing a crescent moon with one eye. Jungkook began adding really fine details to the image and within a span of 20 minutes, the singer created a gem of work which could find a place in an art gallery. While we were amazed already by his talent, BTS leader RM and Kookie’s fellow member J-Hope could not stop gazing at his artwork.

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Namjoon stood beside JK as the singer applauded him with motivation and compliments for his masterpiece. But it was Hobi who couldn’t stop going gaga over the drawing. Not only was the Outro: Ego singer giving encouragement to the singer but also tried to take credits for the artwork as he signed off on the board on behalf of Jungkookie and added a few finishing strokes to the painting.

Isn’t Jungkook’s artwork something to die for? Let us know your thoughts on the same

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