BTS’ Jungkook and Jimin reminisce their rainy dramatic fight and it’s no less than a K-drama

BTS celebrated their seventh anniversary as part of FESTA 2020 with a trip down memory lane that involved, a fight, a phone call, and rain.

Popular K-pop band BTS ringed in their 7th year anniversary with a birthday party. The party was part of the 2020 FESTA. The Bangton boys recollected their previous birthday parties, even shared some heart to heart anecdotes. It was all love and tears but mostly laughter.

Things got interesting when the staff brought out questions for BTS boys to answer. When the members were asked if they had ever felt disappointed in or sorry to the member sitting on their left side, Jungkook was quick to reminisce the time he and Jimin got into a huge fight years ago.

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While Jungkook seemed sincere in mentioning the incident, Jimin couldn’t help but burst out in laughter. Both of them had different timelines of the fight however they agreed on the details.

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Apparently, the lead singers got in an argument after which Jimin told Jungkook to ‘do whatever he wanted’ before stomping out of the practice room. Later an angry Jimin received Jungkook’s phone call only to find Kookie apologizing tearfully, but Jimin was in no mood to hear it!

By the time Jimin got calm, Jungkook had already walked out of the studio only to end up at a strange place.

So, Kookie jumped in a taxi, while Jimin waited out in the rain for him to get back.

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Cut to the most dramatic or romantic sequence; take your pick.

When Jungkook arrived, Jimin hugged him tight and all was forgiven for the better!

The other members, cackling by now were quick to point out how everything seemed like something a couple would do.  As Jin said, this fight was straight out of a K-Drama! And he couldn’t have been more right.

V even compared it to the dumpling fight he had with Jimin. For the unversed, that fight inspired than songs “Friends” and “4 O’Clock”.

Perhaps “A Farewell Taxi” is in the pipeline for BTS’ next smashing hit.

Watch the whole Birthday Party here:

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