BTS Jungkook To A Radio Show To Seek An Apology For The Itaewon Club Controversy-Take A Look!

Bts Jungkook sought an apology after the Itaewon Club controversy

BTS Jungkook personally asked for an apology for his Itaewon Club controversy.

As reported earlier, Jungkook’s actions created a ruckus after being spotted at a club in Itaewon, during the Covid-19 pandemic. Though his label Big Entertainment gave an apology for this incident, he came out in the open about it personally.

On June 6,  Jungkook featured as a guest on Suga’s radio show ‘Honey FM 06.13’ where he expressed, ” I think many people have been upset with me or their hearts have been hurt by my actions recently. I felt very apologetic to those who have had difficulties with this current situation, those who are working hard everywhere, and to my BTS members. I also feel especially sorry to my beloved ARMY. Because of me, I think they had a hard time, so my heart hurts too.”

He continued, “I have been thinking deeply about myself recently. I talked a lot with the BTS members, and I looked back and reflected a lot on myself. I wanted to tell everyone personally through this live broadcast. From now on, I’ll be more serious when I think and when I do things.”

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