BTS’ Jungkook reveals his fitness routine with the ARMY

The BTS heartthrob shared his amazing workout tips in an interview with Tokopedia.

BTS’ Jungkook is one of the most dashing singers in the K-pop world. It doesn’t help that the singer also has an impressive physique to show off. While the ARMY generally loves watching their favorite Bangtan Boy flex, one of his performances during Waktu Indonesia Belanja for Tokopedia really drew their attention.

Naturally, Jungkook gave an impeccable show, powering through the stage in his usual grace. The singer perfectly matched the steps of his fellow BTS member in a show of strength and passion.

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During the interview of the same show, Jungkook was asked the secret to his perfectly toned body. His simple answer impressed everyone.

“I do have equipment,” Jungkook answered, “but I prefer to exercise with my own body weight. I think it’s important to do it consistently whenever you have time. I think you can maintain a good body just by doing pushups, situps, and squats.”

What Jungkook probably meant by it was, you do not heavy equipments or a fancy gym to get into that perfectly strong Body. All you need is some willpower, complete focus and self confidence. Also, tuning in to your favorite BTS playlist wouldn’t hurt.

BTS’ Jungkook has lately been making headlines for some record breaking achievements. He is the only celebrity with more than 5 post that have crossed 2 million likes on Twitter. Jungkook has also begun attending English classes to become a fluent speaker. Reports have it that the singer has now turned the Admin of the school into an ARMY with his good boy charm and dedication.

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