4 times BTS’ Jimin’s breathtaking performance stunned fans

The singer's flawless dancing makes it impossible for fans to look away. Take a look.

It is an agreed fact that BTS’ Jimin is one of the most powerful performers among the K-pop band. His perfect moves and unmatched stage performance has the audience in love with him. Although he creates magic every time he performs, yet four, in particular, were so amazing they still very much incite goosebumps. Check them out!

4 Of BTS Jimin’s Amazing Moments On Stage

MAMA Awards

Jimin performed “Intro: Boy Meets Evil” at the 2016 MAMA Awards.  He used a blindfold for his choreography making the dance look effortless and unreal. The Army was in disbelief watching his perfection.

SBS Gayo Daejeon

The Army was in for a treat when Jimin once again performed at the opening of SBS’s Gayo Daejeon. The singer is trained in modern dance and used his talent and experience to wow his fans.

Melon Music Awards

Jimin had people’s heart racing after his 2018 Melon Music Awards. His creative style on stage left fans mesmerized by his beauty.

Melon Music Awards

The singer made headlines after his 2019 solo performance on “I NEED U” at the Melon Music Awards. His captivating performance can still spellbind his fans.

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