THIS 7-year old mystery of BTS’ Jimin Will Leave You All Perplexed to the Core!!

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BTS‘s music videos are engulfed with a lot of mystery including the fact that so  many of their real-life moments are equally mysterious. To cite an example, it took a couple of years for fans to discover that Suga‘s school snapshots were in real behind the scenes photos for the BTS WORLD game.

There’s also the “what’s tasty in Busan?” incident, but let’s save that story for another day. Speaking of Busan, let’s talk about Jimin!

Back in 2013, it took Jimin only a nanosecond to raise questions that fans are seeking answers to seven years later. Amid the 2013 Melon Music Awards, a fancam snapped Jimin singing along to a performance. Suddenly, someone grabbed his attention and he dialed up the charm.
The wink he gave that person has become quite notable.

To this day, ARMYs are dying in curiosity to get hold of the identity of that lucky person, who is widely believed to be a fellow fan. To be precise, the chances of surviving Jimin’s wink at point-blank are 0.00001%, if that.
In addition to being a mystery in itself, this fancam is a hard corroboration that catches Jimin in a lie. He once said he can’t wink, but now we are not too sure about it!!

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