BTS’ Jimin trends worldwide for THIS speech at ‘Dear Class of 2020’ graduation ceremony

Jimin took part in the virtual graduation ceremony of 2020 hosted by YouTube and his speech earned him a worldwide trend across the globe.

BTS’ lead vocalist and main dancer Park Jimin is well known for his popularity and impact around the world. After his heartwarming and hopeful speech at YouTube’s “Dear Class of 2020″ graduation ceremony, the singer trended globally and got lauded by several influential people from different industries.

Jimin took part in cheering the 2020 graduates in a virtual ceremony hosted by YouTube. His speech was filled with comfort and warmth and received huge admiration amongst viewers and students alike. Soon after its release, Jimin began trending worldwide with the keyword “Jimins“. He also trended in several countries with different keywords such as “Park Jimin” and “Jiminie

in a surprising turn, some influential people from across the globe also lauded Jimin for his speech. All six acts in the ceremony by notable people like Louise QueirogaAmbika Muttoo, Denny Directo, David Yi, Ellie Bate, and Fatima Farha mentioned Jimin’s speech on their Twitter handle.

Famous American best selling author Marie Lu also mentioned the generous donations by BTS for the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. She and S-Jae Jones also admitted to their biased on BTS because of Jimin. 

It is no doubt that Jimin is popular among social media influencers, mainly with people in dance studios and makeup artists. Just a few days ago, the 2020 Canadian Figure Skating champion, Roman Sadovsky uploaded a video of him trying Jimin’s tumbling part in “We are bulletproof pt. 2”.

It is remarkable how at such a young age, Jimin has managed to bowl over people from across the globe with his amazing personality. From local artists’ to influential people across the world, everyone is all praise for the BTS singer.

Watch the BTS commencement speech here:

Jimin is South Korea’s most desirable and wanted personalities at the moment and his increasing popularity is only proof of it.

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