THIS Is What BTS’s JIMIN Did When PUBG Player Didn’t Obey His Order

If there’s one thing BTS Jimin doesn’t tolerate while playing games, it’s disobedience!

We all know how popular South Korean boy band BTS have now become worldwide. While the entire world is battling the issue of Coronavirus and people are getting frustrated by their lack of inactivity, BTS members are trying hard to keep their ARMY entertained.

If you have been closely following BTS members for a long period of time, you must have an idea which BTS member logs into PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). It is one of the most popular video games right now and BTS’s V seems to be enjoying it.

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Whenever Vlogs into PUBG, he invites fans to join him in this online battle royale game his free time. On one fine day, when fans saw BTS member V’s player  ID  (TATA) pop up on the screen, they assumed that V had come online to play PUBG again.

Those who have had already played with V, did not take much time to notice something off about V’s gameplay. Yes, it was much worse than usual. A few moments later, they got to know that it was JIMIN not V, who was playing the game.

I am Jimin-ssi — TATA. (Jimin)

At one point, players were heard saying that JIMIN gathered up ARMYs and ordered them to make friends rather than indulging in fights.

One ARMY, however, refused to obey JIMIN which he does not tolerate while playing games. Instead of following JIMIN’s advice, the fan reportedly jumped around, ignoring him. So, what did Jimin, the sweet pacifist, do? He said this…

…then killed that ARMY with a headshot! That’s what you get rewarded for being defiant.

Fans were not expecting this from JIMIN but they were amazed by his sudden attack leaving that ARMY killed.

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