Watch: BTS Fame Jimin And Jungkook Show Respect To The Elders In The Most Adorable Way Ever!

BTS jimin and Jungkook pay respects to the elderly and its the most adorable thing ever

BTS‘s members are grounded gentlemen known for their respectful and courteous attitude towards people of all ages, especially towards the elderly.

Be it anywhere, whether an event or behind the scenes, the members are not hesitant to show utmost respect and kindness to seniors. Back in the BTS’s rookie days, Suga sweetly lent a patient ear to this elderly woman and even gave her the softest hug.

At a concert, V was witnessed reaching into the crowd to shake hands with a senior ARMY.When BTS performs, they are encompassed by a bed of ARMYs brightened up by thousands of lights. Amongst the number of fans, the stage lights, and everything that’s happening on the stage, it’s striking that the members can notice a single ARMY in the audience who turned out to be an elderly fan.

A year back at a concert, a fan snapped Jungkook twirling around near the stage’s edge.When he spotted a grandmother in the crowd, he took a moment to bow to her while flashing his million dollar smile.

Along with Jungkook, Jimin also paused to bow directly to pay respect to the elderly fan. He went from waving to the whole audience to creating this special bit with her.

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