What BTS J-Hope, Suga, and Jin did to help grandmother will surely melt your heart

BTS J-Hope openly expressing his feelings for grandmothers is an adorable thing to watch!

ARMYs drool over the fact that members of BTS aren’t afraid to express their true feelings properly. BTS members are so familiar with their expressions, so when they are totally overjoyed, they flaunt it by laughing openly and being grateful for their blessings.

They show immense fondness by constant hugs and showing physical displays of affection to each other.

And these amazing men shed tears when they feel the need to — there’s no place for toxic masculinity here. Take BTS’s J-Hope, for example. J-Hope is an emotional man and he’s proud of it.

He’s hyper when he’s overjoyed, and he sheds tears when he’s sad: no faking it or “holding your emotions inside because you’re a true man” concepts here.

When J-Hope feels something dearly, it really comes up on his face — this is why during one of BTS’s past shows when they “delivered hope” to grandmothers in need and one grandmother shared that during winter, she can’t really get warm because she is penniless and started wailing.

J-Hope couldn’t help but cry out in anguish to feel the grandmother’s pain, as well.  BTS didn’t just stop at sharing the grandmother’s pain — they actually put an effort to help her live comfortably in a much better environment.

After cleaning her wall, the members carefully applied the insulation wallpaper so that it could help her keep warm for cold winter days.

BTS members were also supported by staff who delivered basic essentials to the grandmothers in the vicinity. After everything has been set up, BTS members Suga, Jin and J-Hope assisted the adorable grandmother to check out the new interior of her house. And when she saw that her wallpaper has been improved with insulation capacities, she mentioned that she’s really satisfied with what BTS has done to help her.

Perhaps the reason why BTS members are close with each other is because they’ve been pillars of strength to each other despite multiple hardships.

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