Did you know? BTS’ J-Hope once fainted while filming a music video

BTS' J-Hope once fainted due to exhaustion during the filming of "Boy in Luv". The singer reportedly did not even rest a whole day after fainting.

BTS and hard work often go hand in hand. The Bangtan boys are world-famous for their commitment and relentless hustle to bring the best to their fans. However, there have been times when the boys gave music precedence over their own health. Did you know J-Hope once fainted due to exhaustion in the middle of filming a music video?

During an interview, the BTS boys revealed that J-Hope had once fainted when they were filming the music video for “Boy In Luv”. The members expressed their surprise when this happened because according to them J-Hope had looked fine when the filming began in the morning. They also said that he showed no signs of fatigue.

J-Hope later shared that he was probably a little overworked. He went to say that he felt fine once he visited the hospital. Eventually, fans beloved Hobi returned to filming after just half a day of rest as he felt okay.

Meanwhile, BTS’ Map Of The Soul 7 became one of the highest-selling billboard albums in 2020. Despite the year turning out to be grim, the BTS band members have continued to break multiple music records. While Jungkook became world-famous for the only person with the highest number of liked tweets, BTS’ V wrote history as the first and only artist to top the iTunes songs chart in 112 countries.

The band members are currently working on their new album which is supposed to release by the end of 2020. The famous Map Of The Soul 7 album has been deemed a superhit by critics and fans alike.

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