‘We hope to visit India in the future’: BTS On Meeting Their ARMY Post-Pandemic

Famous K-pop band BTS has gained quite a huge fan following in India and are eager to meet their fans in India in their next world tour.

The famous K-pop band BTS has gained a huge fan base and recognition worldwide. The boy band has made quite an impact on the music industry in the past few years and is still increasing its popularity. BTS has a fan base which is also known as ‘ARMY’. BTS Army is very fond of this group of K-pop stars.

Bangtan Boys K-pop group comprises of seven members. Recently BTS had their fans concerned due to a member of their band SUGA’s shoulder injury. Suga had to take a break from any band activities since his injury had also received a shoulder surgery. Army members are sad to see their favorite and most loved Suga being absent from any activities.

BTS has always been a boy-band that is seen as a whole and even one member missing makes this K-pop gang incomplete. BTS always says’ That absence of even one member feels huge for the rest of the band’.

BTS Bandmate J-Hope Talks About Suga

BTS member J-Hope has put all the ARMY member’s concerns to rest as he informs them about good news regarding Suga’s shoulder injury and assures that he is “quickly recovering”.

J-hope also told IANS that, “SUGA is quickly recovering at the moment. The absence of even just one member feels huge for us, so all the members including SUGA himself are hoping that he gets better quickly, so that he can join us on stage for us to become whole again,”

BTS’s Jungkook Thanks For Love And Support Given By Army

“We’re very thankful for the love and support that we have received with ‘Dynamite’. It also reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, so it is very meaningful for us, but we don’t necessarily think this was because it was an English track,” said Jungkook.

Later he also Jungkook also added, “Our goal with ‘Dynamite’ was to give a burst of energy to the listeners and we’re just glad to have achieved that goal. We are eager to continue to give hope and joy to our listeners through our music,”

Bangtan Boys Leader RM Talks About Their New Album “BE (Deluxe Edition)”

RM shared his view with the Army while talking about their latest album “BE” saying, “We believe all of our albums are important and have played important roles in our career. ‘BE’ is an album that we created to reflect our current thoughts and emotions and deliver a message of hope to our fans all over the world.”

RM further shared some light on their title track saying, “Like the meaning of the title track, ‘Life goes on’, we want to comfort people around the world through the message that life will continue even in this difficult moment. If that message is well conveyed, we will have achieved our goal”.

V Also Shares The Effort Put In Every BTS “BE” Album Making

V who was given the responsibility of visual director also had a few words to share and went on to say, “We consistently try to convey the messages we want to deliver to the world honestly and confidently through our music. However, in order to do so, we’ve felt that singing and dancing isn’t enough, and it’s important for us to participate in overall aspects of the album-making process, such as songwriting and producing, which we continuously make an effort to improve in”.

Jimin Puts Light On How The Theme Of The Album Was Decided

“After a series of discussions with our label and producers, we as a group selected songs that felt the most right for the theme of this album. The final tracklist was also decided after discussions among us,” said Jimin.

 Jin Says We Hope To Visit India In The Future

“We’re ready to meet our fans whenever we can as soon as this pandemic comes to an end. There is nothing we want more than to go on tour to meet ARMY again in person. We really want to reach as many ARMY in the world as possible, so we hope to visit India in the future if an opportunity is given,” said Jin.

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