7 times BTS made us ROFL with their funny antics

BTS boys can make even the most absurd antic look hilariously funny. Take a look.

BTS is one of the most popular Korean pop bands in the world. Their talent and popularity remain unmatched in today’s times. While the boys are mostly known for their songs and amazing performances, they also manage to make fans fall in love with them with their personalities. Every now and then the BTS members show their real, unseen side and capture millions of hearts at a time.

Here are some of the funniest moments by the Bangtan Boys:

When Jimin made his bicycle eat grass

One of the hilarious moments of BTS had to be on an episode of “Bon Voyage”. Jimin and V went out together to enjoy some fresh air and exercise. While V took a horse, Jimin chose to ride a bicycle for their troll. When the horse stopped to chomp on some grasses, Jimin began feeling left out without an animal companion. In a hilarious turn of event, Jimin let his ride upside down to eat some grass as well. While the bicycle may look stupid to a passerby, the ARMY had a hard time controlling their laughter.

When J-Hope tried his best to answer an English question

In an interview with an American press outlet, the Bangtan boys were asked to read and answer questions in English. RM being the leader and only fluent English speaker urged the others to take a shot.  As Jin read out the question, “What do you like to eat in other countries, that you can’t get back home?” J-Hope was quick to answer, “I love kimchi fried rice.” His answer made everyone in the room laugh out loud.

When RM tried to write on a blackboard with a whiteboard marker.

RM being the leader of BTS is always regarded as Mr. Perfect Know it all. While RM tried to write on a blackboard with a whiteboard marker, Jin and Jimin simply sat there laughing at his clumsiness. Jimin even asked if RM had ever gone to school before.

Smooth moves, Jin.

Do you remember the time when our Handsom Kim Seokjin tripped while walking and instantly invented a new move?  While tripping over a step, Jin was quick to praise himself and called it a cool b-boy move.

King of pull-ups.

In a smart display of strength, BTS band members were showing their upper arm flexibility. However, it was short-lived. As soon as the camera panned down to his feet, all the illusions of strength crumbled to the ground. Points for the efforts though!

Sweet potatoes that defy gravity.

It is no secret that RM is terrible at cooking. In a new revelation, we may have found one flaw in our beloved Kookie. As it turns out Jungkook isn’t exactly smart when it comes to holding his own in the kitchen. See for yourself.

When Jin hung up on Jungkook for saying his Live was better.

During a live broadcast by Jin, he called his favorite Kookie only to be hilariously trolled by his best friend. Jungkook took the opportunity to ask ARMY, who’s Live was better.. A flushed Jin however did not entertain him and immediately hung up!


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