BTS’ Dynamite smashes YouTube records for highest ever premiere viewership

BTS released it's all English song Dynamite amid the highest viewership on YouTube. The song breaks record on iTunes charts minutes after its release.

World’s most popular K-pop boy band BTS surprised fans with Dynamite- a new song composed and performed entirely in English. The song has all the right summer feels that the world had been missing till now. Dynamite was released on Friday night smashing YouTube records with at least 3 million concurrent viewers at the time of its release.

The song has all the right summer vibes perfect to lighten up in these trying times. From granular details to fuel nostalgia, the song is soaked in colors and fun BTS moments to give it the ultimate retro feel.

“We built this song to give strength to the people who listen to it,” band member Suga said in a Thursday press conference. “Our goal is to have as many people as possible hear it and get a little bit of reassurance and healing from it.”

BTS Dynamite video

At the virtual press conference ahead of the music video premiere, BTS’s leader RM introduced the new song as a “new challenge” for BTS. For the first time in BTS’ history, the song lyrics are entirely in English. BTS’ V also touted it as a “feel-good song” and said it “felt new and a different” from what the group’s tried before.

As with the finest music videos, the one for “Dynamite” is focused on giving listeners a good bubblegum pop up-full of light vibes. The song intentionally goes into the unchartered bubbly territory to help in this coronavirus pandemic times.

In fact, “the release of ‘Dynamite’ wasn’t in our plans at all,” band member RM said at the news conference. “As soon as we heard it, we thought it was a really fun and exciting, fun, and cheery song that wasn’t that serious. It just made us feel good when we heard it. We really wanted to share this energy with the fans as soon as possible.”

Meanwhile, BTS is all set to perform Dynamite at the upcoming Video Music Awards on Aug. 30, where they will surely hypnotize the audience with their charm and mind-blowing choreography. We for one, can’t wait!

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