BTS’s Camera man surprised by seeing Jimin’s extraness

Caught you on camera, Jimin

If BTS’s Jimin wasn’t a part of Kpop, he would definitely be in a comedy show.

Jimin is a goofball who not only says naive and quirky things but also does them. He’s definitely a clown among the members, who makes the members and ARMY laugh all the time.

Sometimes, he confuses the staff with all his wacky things

In Episode 106 of Run BTS!, Jimin added a surprise photoshoot to BTS’s DIY fashion shoot. Jimin posed for a maknae’s camera. It’s hilarious.

“A Good Boy” Jimin photograph, that appeared in the Big Hit Entertainment building’s artist lounge.

That’s not all! When the BTS  members were least expecting it, Jimin sprawled out on the ground…

… and did this. On asking, he described it as werewolf pose, strange but okay.

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