BTS made THIS whopping amount from paid concert ‘Bang Bang Con The Live’?

With 750,000 viewers alone, BTS was expected to mint a whopping 22.5 billion KRW, which roughly translates to $18.7 million. 

BTS aka Bangtan Boys seems to be on a spree of shattering its own records by attracting a record-setting audience for its paid ‘Bang Bang Con The Live’ event. According to Big Hit Entertainment, the paid event managed to attract concurrent 756,000 viewers belonging to 107 regions across the world.

BTS’s ‘Bang Bang Con The Live’ has reportedly attracted the largest global audience ever for any paid virtual concert.

“The 100-minutes long “BANG BANG CON The Live” invited fans to BTS’s room, where members freely navigated through and performed in various spaces – composed of five rooms and two stages, each stylized in different moods,” touts Big Hit regarding the unprecedented event.

The paid concert simultaneously serves as a preview of and temporary substitute for the group’s tour, which got postponed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ever since Big Hit announced that the paid event attracted concurrent 756,000 viewers, netizens have been discussing the expected earning BTS made from ‘Bang Bang Con The Live’.

If anything to go by a price of one ticket which costs almost 30,000 KRW, netizens roughly calculated BTS’s earning from Bang Bang Con The Live. With 750,000 viewers alone, BTS was expected to mint a whopping 22.5 billion KRW, which roughly translates to $18.7 million.

We are sure, the expected money BTS made from their latest paid contest is enough to blow your mind.

Those who tuned into the event are saying that the concert was worth it, since all BTS members went over the 90 minute limit for an additional 5 minutes.

Here are some of the comments from netizens who virtually attended the event:

“I watched it live and I was so satisfied. They sang ‘Respect’ and ‘Friends’ live, and they also remixed ‘Go Go’ and ‘Boy With Luv'”

“I paid for it with my own money but not a single cent was wasted; starting from ‘Dope’ I knew I wouldn’t regret it. It was a concert after some hiatus and they delivered new stages so I’m superrrr satisfied.”

“Great quality stages and the set list was amazing.”

“I didn’t think it was that expensive for 30,000 KRW.”

What are your thoughts? Did any of you also tune into BTS’s online concert?

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