BTS: THESE before and after baby pictures of BTS members are too cute to miss!

BTS members recreated one of their childhood pictures and the results are as usual way too adorable. It seems the Bangtan boys were as squishy as they are now- Check out pics.

BTS is one of the most beloved K-pop bands in the world. Fans love each and every member of this boy band for their personal understanding and respect for their ARMY. Apart from their soulful voice and terrific performances, BTS boys always ensure to keep their fans connected through their journey.
Recently a die-hard BTS fan posted photos of every member recreating their baby pictures in an online community. The results are awwdorable.

The fan went on to post pictures of each members childhood photos and their recreations as an adult. These pictures were used in the Fifth global Fanclub Army Pack, which was released way back in 2018. However, the fan who brought these pictures back wanted to share them with other BTS ARMY members. Fans had some of the cutest reactions to these pictures.

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BTS’ Members Baby Photos and Recreations:


BTS’ Jin






Fans were in awe of these cute pictures of BTS’ members. Some of the users commented:

“These are so cute.”
“Jungkook is so cute. look at baby Jungkook eating that corndog.”
“So cute, Jimin’s lips is the same.”
“Jungkook still has his baby face as well as Jimin.”
“So cute, so crazy cute.”
“They all grew up well. They still have their baby faces.”
“They’re still cute since they were babies.”
“V was a prince since he was a baby lol.”

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