BTS snubbed from the Billboard 2021 Grammy nominations prediction and ARMY is furious!

Billboard shared the list of 2021 Grammy nominations prediction and BTS did not make it into any of them. The apparent snub has the ARMY fuming on social media, calling Billboard a hypocrite and racist.

2020 has been a mighty good year for Korean pop band BTS. The boys have all but smashed the social media game by breaking multiple records. Their latest album Map of the Soul: 7 was a massive success and ARMY cannot stop celebrating their idol’s increasing popularity and achievement. However, the latest Billboard report predicting the Best Bets on some major titles has not included BTS in any of them. This did not go down well with the ARMY.

Billboard has divided singers and performances under three categories that include “Best Bets”, “Good Chance”, or “Within Reach”. Shockingly, BTS is not included in any of the lists. It instead features Post Malone, The Weeknd, Fiona Apple, and Harry Styles under the  Album of the Year. Names for Record of the Year includes The Weeknd, Post Malone, Billie Eilish, and Marren Morris.

ARMY Reaction

The ARMY has not taken BTS’ obvious snub from the list easily. Several fandoms have blasted billboards on Twitter for their hypocrisy even accusing them of being racist. “Despite being the best-selling album worldwide (5M+), biggest US album debut WITHOUT bundles (422k), and many more records, MOTS 7 is not mentioned once in this article,” an ARMY member pointed out.

BTS’ disappearance from the list has come as a shock to many including those not part of the ARMY. “I don’t listen to their music but by their success, they should be there! I’ve seen some videos about them and they seem very talented. Idk why they wouldn’t be nominated,” a Twitter user wrote.

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While BTS did not make the cut, Billboard has featured K-pop band SuperM under “Within Reach” of bagging a Best New Artist nomination. If it becomes true, SuperM would become the first Korean band
to be nominated for the Grammy.

Meanwhile, ARMY concluded its historical virtual online concert Bang Bang Con: The Live with a smashing record of 756,000 online paid attendees.  According to Big Hit metrics, the concert increased the AMRY fandom by over 10,000 members.

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