THIS Brazilian model accidentally sets herself on fire after arguing with her girlfriend – Watch video

The model was left with burns on nearly half of her body after the gruesome incident

A Brazilian model named Katiuscia Silva Mota was caught in camera arguing with her girlfriend at an apartment building located in Serra, Brazil. The duo continues to argue even they venture out the building and then Silva Mota enter the building again.

A few moments later, Silva Mota is seen engulfed in fire and her girlfriend and some other people came to forward douse the flame. According to reports, Silva Mota’s body has been severely burned.

“The model was left with burns on nearly half of her body after the gruesome incident,” Brazilian news outlet G1 reports.

The 31-year old model was rushed to the Jayme dos Santos Neves Hospital in Serra, after suffering 40 per cent burns to her body following the gruesome incident.

According to reports, Southeastern Brazil police are investigating if anyone is involved in this incident. The model’s mother and her 21-year-old girlfriend, who was accompanied by an attorney reportedly met with police investigators late last week.

Mota’s girlfriend — whoo works with flammable materials as part of her job in perfumes and colognes  — told police officials that the fire broke out by a lighter after Mota came in contact with alcohol in their apartment, G1 reports.

At the time of the incident, Mota was also on medication, her girlfriend added. The actual reason behind the fire is yet to be revealed.

Meanwhile, Mota’s mother said the fire may have been sparked by a cigarette and claimed that her daughter would not have tried to intentionally set herself on fire due to her profession, the report states.

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