This 17 year-old boy from Punjab took his craze for Pubg to another level-Find Out!

This teenage boy from Punjab spent 16 lakhs of his parents' finances on Pubg

A PubG addict in Punjab secretly squandered Rs 16 lakh of his parents’ finances on the battle royale mobile game PlayerUnknown’s Battleground or PUBG.

While gamers at large, have gone to great lengths to prove their PubG feats, the teen gaming addict from Punjab’s Kharar took the addiction for the mobile game to another level after he fearlessly spent Rs 16 lakhs from his father’s account to purchase exhorbitant virtual ammunition in the game.

The 17-year-old would discreetly get hold of his father’s mobile phone on the pretence of online classes, but would obtain his father’s bank account credentials to make in-app purchases for him and his friends.
Bank statements revealed of his misdoings to his parents. Moreoever, his father, a bank employee working in another city, had been saving his hard-earned money for his health treatment.

After his son’s double-dealings were let out in the open, the father has decided to put the boy work at work at a scooter repair shop to teach him the value of hard-earned money.

“I just can’t let him sit idle at home and cannot give him a mobile phone even for studying,” the father told The Tribune. “He is working at a scooter repair shop so that he realises how hard it is to earn money,”

The father further stated that his hopes are now all dashed to the ground since, all his savings for his own healthcare as well as his son’s future had gone to waste.

According to the report, the boy covertly withdrew money of Rs 16 lakh including Rs 2 lakh which he withdrew from his mother’s PF account. He also had the habit of shuffling money between his mothers’ and fathers’ account so that he does not get caught.

Due to the money being spent voluntarily by the boy, the police also refused to render further assistance.

News Source: News18

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