Bois Locker Room: Viral Snapchat conversation was initiated by a ‘girl’, says Delhi police

The investigation has revealed that the girl used a fake identity named 'Siddharth' and suggested raping herself to gauge the character and reaction of her friend.

For the past week, social media is abuzz with the controversial ‘Bois locker room’ where minor students shared morphed images of young girls. The incident made national headlines and members of the group were brought in for questioning.

A fresh twist now reveals that the conversation of gangrape on Snapchat was initiated by a ‘minor girl’ using a fake identity. The police also clarified that both social media screenshots are unrelated.

Explaining the mix-up the police said, “The boy sent the girl the screenshot of his conversation with ‘Siddharth’ to alert her that someone was planning an assault on her. He was oblivious to the fact that the girl, in fact, was ‘Siddharth’, and had herself started the conversation to judge his character”

While the girl did not forward the chats, the boy shared it amongst his group of friends. Social media was already flooded with screenshots from the ‘Bois locker room’ where both the conversations got mixed up.

Meanwhile, the admin of the ‘Bois locker room’ and an active juvenile member has been taken into custody. 24 other members of the group were also called in for examination. Devices of all the members have been seized and sent for forensic analysis.

No FIR has been filed against the girl as her intent was not malicious, said a police officer. Although social media trial has already pronounced stringent action against the girl. Feminists and their supposed silence are being called into question by woke Millenials on Twitter.

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