BLACKPINK confessed that they have lived with Cockroaches And Centipedes

The shocking revelations of BLACKINK members have left millions of fans in deep shock. 

South Korean girl group BLACKPINK had recently made shocking revelations from their training days. In a recent BLACKPINK’s reality content, 24/365 with BLACKPINK, Jennie, Jason, Lisa, and Rose reminisced their difficult time when they were trainees.

In the recent video, they confessed that they used to live with cockroaches and centipedes. BLACKPINK member Jennie, who did not have money at that time, revealed what they used to eat for living.

“We didn’t have much money at the time. So we mainly lived based on eggs and strawberry jam. We always had scrambled eggs with strawberry jam at least once a day.” — Jennie said.

The shocking revelations of BLACKINK members have left millions of fans in deep shock.

“We used to live with cockroaches.” — Jennie added.

Confirming the revelation made by Jennie, Rose and Jisoo said, “The centipedes were this big,” Rose said.

“We couldn’t even catch them. When we trapped one with a cup, there was another one beside it,” Jisoo said.

Fortunately, they had Lisa along with them. According to reports, it is Lisa, who could only catch them with her bare hands.

“When Lisa caught them, we would put it on a piece of paper and send it outside,” Jisoo

Luckily, BLACKPINK has now become one the top idols n the Korean Entertainment industry, meaning they would not have to live in such harsh condition again.

They might have achieved success, fame and glamour but their journey to stardom wasn’t an easy one.

Netizens commented, “I assumed BLACKPINK lived in luxurious dorms back then,” and “It must have been hard to live that kind of dorm at a young age.”

Check out the full reveal in the clip below:


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