THESE Photos of Black Leopard From Forests of Karnataka Take Social Media On Fire

The pictures of Black Panther has already garnered 108.8 likes and 27.7k tweets and counting.

Photos of majestic Black Panther roaming in the depths of green forests in Kabini, Karnataka have taken the world of social media by storm. As soon as the Twitter handle Earth posted the pictures Black Panther roaming in the jungle of Kabini, netizens were compelled to wonder if these images were real. Other were reminded of the popular fictional animated character, ‘Bagheera’ from Jungle Book.

The pictures of Black Panther has already garnered 108.8 likes and 27.7k tweets and counting. In pictures, the Black Panther can be seen peeking directly at the camera from behind the tree.

You can check out the pictures here:

According to reports, these photos were clicked by none other than Indian Wildlife photographer Shaaz Jung in 2019. These images were also shared by on him on his Instagram page. Notably, Jung has spent years tracking down numerous big vats and other animals in Jungles across the nation.

“Shaaz Jung is a naturalist, big cat tracker, professional wildlife photographer and cinematographer. Having studied Economics at Utrecht University, Shaaz left the corporate world to follow his passion. He helped establish eco-friendly wildlife camps in South India and East Africa where he now runs specialized guided tours. His camp in South India is known as The Bison,” his states.

He belongs to the royal family of Bhopal, Pataudi and the Paigahs of Hyderabad. Shaaz studied Economics at Utrecht University in Europe. Instead of opting for a corporate career, he followed his childhood passion to wildlife photography.

Here is how twitter reacted to majestic pictures of Black Panther:

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