Paatal Lok: BJP MLA Nandkishor Gurjar wants Virat Kohli to divorce Anushka Sharma?

Mr Nandkishor Gurjar asks Virat Kohli to file a divorce against Anushka Sharma

Amazon Prime’s latest web series ‘Paatal Lok’ has created quite a sensation among the audience for its breathtaking concept which has also managed to agitate quite a few people. It has been produced by Anushka Sharma and her brother Karnesh Sharma.

Surprisingly, during such trying times, one of our elected officials, Mr Nandkishor Gurjar from Loni in Uttar Pradesh, has prioritized filing an FIR against Anushka Sharma. He also managed to take time out of his schedule to pen down a letter to information and broadcasting minister Prakash Javdekar to prohibit streaming of the web series Paatal Lok.

सनातन विरोधी वेब सीरीज #पाताललोक की प्रोड्यूसर @AnushkaSharma के खिलाफ तहरीर देने के पश्चात आज #पाताललोक #BanPaatalLok
के लिए मा. सूचना एवं प्रसारण मंत्री @PrakashJavdekar जी को पत्र प्रेषित किया
— Nandkishor Gurjar (@nkgurjar4bjp) May 24, 2020

Bankrolled by Anushka Sharma’s production house Clean Slatz, apparently, she used pictures of BJP leaders such as himself “without permission” in the film, and while doing so, they have, according to Mr Gurjar, done “rashtradroh” or sedition. If that’s not enough to blow your mind away, he also spoke to the Newsroom Post (without a mask), and requested Virat Kohli to divorce Anushka for the same.

#Ghaziabad: BJP leader Nandkishor Gurjar (@nkgurjar4bjp) has filed a case against actor turned producer @AnushkaSharma. FIR is regarding Web Series #PataalLok. He accused actress of sedition and advised @imVkohli to divorce her. (Story in Development)
— Newsroom Post (@NewsroomPostCom) May 23, 2020

According to, he also took photos of the FIR with the cops at the police station. It’s now a pinned tweet on his profile, and the focus of his career, it would seem.

लोनी कोतवाली में #पाताललोक
वेबसीरीज में सनातन धर्म के सभी जातियों, सनातन धर्म, भारतीय जांच एजेंसियों सहित बिना इजाजत मेरी एवं भाजपा नेताओं की तस्वीर का गलत चित्रण करने पर तहरीर देकर प्रोड्यूसर के खिलाफ राष्ट्रद्रोह के तहत #रासुका के तहत कार्रवाई करने को कहा।
— Nandkishor Gurjar (@nkgurjar4bjp) May 23, 2020

He is of the opinion that it offends “sanatan dharm” to use these photos as they misrepresent him and other BJP leaders, and has filed a police complaint against Anushka.

Whether it’s about losing a cricket match or the case of a publicity stunt by a politician, talking about breaking up lovebirds  Virushka, seems to be everyone’s favourite pastime.

The funniest part is, as a member of the ruling party, he is solely busy retweeting actor Sonu Sood, who is trying to get them home. So, to cut it short, our politicians are busy worrying about shows and movies, while our actors are lending help to the people in need.

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