10 Most Bizarre Wedding Rituals Practiced Across The World

Can spitting usher good life for the bride? Know ahead

People have their own way of celebrating love and the rituals followed in a wedding Here, in this article let’s take a trip on the bizarre wedding rituals performed across the world. Trust me, this will leave you stunned and make you question the rituals followed. After all we are bizarre beings and we can’t keep ourselves away from proving that in everything we do.
Here we have a list of bizarre wedding rituals that will make you cringe.

1. Bride aims at the groom with headless arrows

Can breaking an arrow define love between the partners? Well, in the Yulgar culture of China it does define love. The bride is asked to shoot the grooms three times with blunt arrows. Later, the groom is asked to break the arrow , this is considered to be the sign that the two will be in love with each other forever.

2. “You may kiss the couple”


In Sweden, unmarried and young guests kiss the newlywed couple. The guys kiss the bride and girls kiss the groom.

3. A trash Bath

trash bride

This tradition performed in Scotland, literally leaves the bride grossed out. A day before the marriage, the bride is taken away for a trash bath, in which rotten fish, spoilt milk, smelly curd, grease, etc are thrown at her. She is made to drink till the night falls and then finally tied to a tree. It is perceived that if the bride can withstand all these, managing a married life wouldn’t be difficult.

4. Spitting good luck on the bride

masai 2

Spiting is a symbol of disgrace usually but in the Masai tribe, it is thought to bring in good luck and fortune. The father spits spits on the bride’s head and breasts, which is believed to usher good luck for her. The bride’s head is shaved by her mother-in-law and then lard of pig and other animals are put on her body.

5. Beating and quizzing the groom


In South Korea, after the guy is married, his feet are tied to a pole and the sole is beaten by his groomsmen or family members with either stick or in some cases with a dried fish. The groom is constantly quizzed about his knowledge of married life. The beating of feet is meant as a test of the newly wedded husband’s strength and character.

6. Happily Married to a tree

tree marriage

In Indian communities, people born under thre Mangal Dosha are called Manglik people and are said to have bad luck in marriage, so in order to ward off the astral misprojection in their lives, the mangliks have to first marry a banyan or peepal tree or a idol of God Vishnu. After this kumbh vivah, the manglik person can marry his/her better half.

7. Carry her across the threshold


In Medieval Europe, it was perceived and believed that a girl’s feet can sweep in evil in her new family.Hence, the ritual of carrying the bride across the threshold started.

8 . 7 pheras with an animal; 7 pheras with groom later

animal marriage

Imagine taking 7 pheras with an animal, putting sindhoor on the animal, dancing, grooving and feasting your relatives for this wedding ceremony. Sounds like a fiction comedy movie script right? But no, it isn’t it is rather reality. In certain Indian cultures, if a girl is possessed by evil, she is expected to marry a goat or a dog first. By doing so, the evil will ward off and will usher happiness for the actual groom and bride.

9. Kidnapping


In this, the girl is kidnapped by a guy or a group of people and then asked for her consent in a forceful manner.

10. Money dance

money dance

It was originally started in Poland, but now the world is slowly practicing this as an activity of fun. The male guest at the wedding pays the bride to dance with her.

What do you think about these bizarre wedding rituals. Let us know in the comments below.

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