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THIS Kitchen Ingredient Is The Secret To Actress Bipasha Basu’s Bouncy Locks- Check Out!

Actress Bipasha Basu shares her go-to kitchen ingredient to prevent hairfall and we can't keep calm!

Real heartbreak is when you see your precious strands of hair fall out from your scalp while combing, is it? Of course it is! With our dull lifestyle, let’s not forget, how it impacts our hair largely. It turns out brittle, rough and lifeless. Our hair is like a crown on the top, which enhances our entire look. And, if this decides to leave our side, that’s when our entire world comes crashing down.

But hey! Breathe a bit. Looks like actress Bipasha Basu has some home treatments to save us. The Alone actress swears by homemade hair packs and no wonder she confidently shows off her glorious locks and spotless skin. The Bong beauty recently gave a demo of using onion for maintaining healthy and bouncy locks.

Bipasha took to Instagram to take us on a ride of her hair care journey. She shared a video of her applying onion juice on her scalp. Speaking of the process, she wrote, “I make a pulp of 2 red onions… then strain the juice out… apply on scalp… gentle massage for few minutes and leave it for an hour and wash and condition. Once a week I have started doing this.”

To prevent that raw smell of onion juice, you can also mix it with virgin coconut oil or lavender oil or lemon juice and apply it on the scalp. Let it sit for a while and then wash it off with a mild shampoo.

Bipasha added that to prevent hairfall, onion is always her go-to product and to add more gravity to her statement, this is an age-old method women have been swearing by since centuries.

Benefits of onion juice for hair

Onions are rich sources of sulphur which are found in amino acids, and are components of protein. keratin is a secret component known to be sulfur-rich and is crucial for strong and healthy hair. Sulfur is required to build collagen production, as Healthline points out.

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