Bhojpuri actress Anupama Pathak commits suicide due to financial issue amid COVID-19 pandemic

Before ending her life, she went live on Facebook for almost 10 minutes.

Bhojpuri actress Anupama Pathak has reportedly committed suicide at her Mumbai residence on August 2, 2020. According to reports, she was found hanging at her home in Dahisar. Before ending her life, she went live on Facebook for almost 10 minutes. In the live video, she expressed her pain and urged people not to trust anyone.

Anupama Pathak can be heard saying in the video, “If you tell someone that you are going through some problems and feel suicidal, that person, no matter how good a friend he or she is, will immediately ask you to keep them away from your problems so that they don`t get into trouble after you die. Also, people will make fun of you and disrespect you in front of others. So never share your problems with anyone and never consider anyone your friend.”

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“Be the person whom everybody can trust, but never trust anyone. I have learnt this in my life. People are very selfish and don`t care for others,” she added in the video.

A suicide note was also recovered from Anupama Pathak’s house. In the note, she mentioned financial problem as one of reasons of taking the extreme step. She also mentioned a man named, Manish Jha, who allegedly took her two-wheeler in May and refused to return it to her later.

In her last Facebook post, which was at 12 am, Pathak wrote, “Bye bye and Good night.”

The news of Anupama Pathak committing suicide surfaced on the internet on the same day when the body of TV actor Sameer Sharma was found at his home in Mumbai. The actor reportedly committed suicide two days ago.

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