Top 3 Best Video Downloader For Chrome (June 2021)

If you wanna download videos for free on chrome check out these 3 video downloaders that will help you give the best downloading experience.

Downloading videos on chrome has become easier as news updates news features and extensions are available. You can also download different videos with help of torrent websites or various other digital platforms.

Now it can be a hassle sometimes when you want to download a certain video but have to first check out sites or various other platforms from where you can download the video from. We got you covered with some of the best chrome extensions which will help you in downloading videos from chrome sites for free without any hassle.

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You can find tons of video downloaders out there on the net but there are very few that are able to cover all your needs and works just as they promise we bring to you some of the best chrome downloaders.

Best Video Downloader For Chrome (June 2021)

1. FBDown Video downloader

FBDown Video downloader is one of the best extension which will help you download your favorite movies fast and efficiently. You might be wondering is it safe to download a video using this downloader you needn’t worry about it as long as you use this extension it’s totally legal and safe to use FBDown Video downloader for all your chrome downloading needs.

Perks of this chrome video downloading extension is that it’s not only free to use but also supports Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, and DailyMotionions. FBDown Video downloader has over 1Million plus users. You can download this extension for video downloader from Chrome Web Store.


FBDown Video downloader does not support Youtube so you won’t be able to download videos from Youtube. Once you have installed FBDown Video downloader from Chrome Web Store you can go ahead and click on the download arrow in your extension bar on Chrome and you will be able to see a list of all videos on the current page you are on and can download videos from there directly.

FBDown Video downloader is not one of the best free video downloaders for chrome but also is easy to use and has great reviews and does not even interfere with your browsing speed.

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2. vGet Extension

vGet Extension is similar to FBDown Video downloader which is free to use and supports the same site as it. vGet Extension is also not able to be used on Youtube and is unable to let you download your favorite video from chrome.


vGet Extension may not be able to get you the thumbnails that FBDown provides you with but still is very useful as you will get more control over the file type and format when you click to download any video from chrome websites. In order to use this chrome video downloader, you will have to click on the extension after which you will have to scroll down hovering your mouse over the video you wanna download once you see a highlighted download option you can click on it and then download your favorite video.

3. is the best out of the above-mentioned video downloaders for chrome and deserves to be given a shot. It has all the features that the ones mentioned above have but it is more attractive and recommended to use if you looking for an all-rounder chrome video downloader.

You might be wondering what’s so good about this website right let me tell you not just help you download videos from Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, and DailyMotionions, etc but also helps in downloading Youtube Video directly. By now you must have understood that not many chrome extensions and downloaders provide you with YouTube video downloading features but this site will help you so.

best-video-downloader-for-chrome-2 was built for YouTube and is a little complex to use but if you get a hang of it once you will have a fun time downloading your favorite videos for free with its help. is not available in Chrome Web Store so you will have to download it from its site itself. Since this downloader was made for YouTube it does not support direct download for all platforms and websites.

In order to download videos from Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, and DailyMotionions, etc you will have to copy the link of the video and paste it on the website and then download that video.

Benefits Of Using Chrome Video Downloader

1. View Videos Offline

Watching your favorite videos from sites that repeatedly give out ads or takes too much time to load can be a hassle. Not only that if you have videos already downloaded it is easy to watch videos with any disturbance. It’s best to have videos downloaded before watching making it less worrisome if you are facing any kind of internet issue. It’s best to make good use of a chrome video downloader and get the best video viewing experience.

2. Easy To Share

Internet is one of the best sources from where you can get not only viral content but all some of the best things out there. If you wish to share such content with anyone it makes it easy for you to do so. Sometimes links do not work while sharing which is why it is best to download and share chrome downloaded videos directly.

3. Videos May Get Taken Down

Videos are the best source of spreading news and gossip and sometimes these videos are always taken down by the internet or due to some issue you can’t find that video so its best to download these videos from chrome and have them stored in your mobile or laptop to be able to view anytime you want.

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