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Top 20 Best TV Shows To Binge Watch (August 2020)

List of tv shows you can't miss to watch

Looking for the list of best TV shows to binge watch? We have curated a list of best TV shows for you, to be your new binge watch partner. So what are you waiting for? Grab some popcorn and a tub of icecream to get started.

Best TV Shows to Binge Watch

Game of thronesBest TV Shows to Binge Watch

You know a TV show is a going to be worth watching when you’re tearing your hair out waiting for the next episodes weekly and new season yearly. The show spoilers are something you like to keep distance with and memes on the series are dearest. Building this entire structure of shock drama and fantasy from George R.R Martin’s best selling book, David Benioff and D. B Weiss adaptation Game of thrones translates political machinations, royal intrigue, and apocalyptic fantasy in the best way possible.

Backed by a massive budget from HBO, Game of Thrones might be a nail gnawing spine chiller, to grab your attention into a plot that is full of twists and turns. It crafts a immersive world where anything can happen anytime, anyone may perish, and each new cliffhanger leaves you clamoring to see what’s next.

It is surely one of the best TV shows to binge watch in 2020.

Parks and Recreation

Best TV Shows To Binge Watch
Source: The Guardian

Parks and Recreation is a great TV show to binge watch as you can see the series evolve through seasons and surprise you with it’s plot twists and sooner you realize, you already know you’re addicted to it. This upbeat political satire sitcom is created by Greg Daniels and Michael Schur, and truly one of the finest mocumentaries.

This series is a love letter to the public service that revels in shaking up the characters and their life in compelling ways. Aside from the rocky first season, there’s really not a false note to be found in this show. “Best shows are just about the great characters” Michael Schur always said and he certainly proved his point. The characters make you fall in love with the show.


Best TV Shows To Binge Watch
Source: Deadline.com

Before we knew what best binge worthy show was, there was weeds. A story chronicling the life of a single mother who dealed and sold weed as source of income. Mary- Louise Parker phenomenal delivery of work is worth watching as a lead role. We are not astounded that creator/showrunner Jenji Kohan would come up with yet another best TV show in Orange is the New Black.

Weeds was unique half-hour show streaming regularly and undergoing drastic changes and plot twists that made the show compelling. Some say it never should have left the suburban location, but there’s much more in the later seasons of the series when the Botwin family took their realm out and about.

True Detective

Best TV Shows To Binge Watch
Source: Filmydaily

Nick Pizzolatto and Cary Fukunaga’s immersing anthology is a rabbit hole of a secret that had watchers investing an extraordinary measure of energy attempting to think about who the (conceivably legendary)killer was. Be that as it may, the outwardly lavish investigation of this Louisiana-Set crime story is extremely about the two grieved men researching it overtime, played by Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson.

As True Detective’s story weaves through the horrors committed by The Yellow King, it likewise zeroes in on the entangled connection between its two detective leads, which eventually arranges it after a completely southern gothic crescendo. It’s an encounter that is both charming and entrancing, and it set a standard that its own Season 2 (with new cast, directors and setting).

Rick and Morty

Best TV Shows To Binge Watch
Source: Empire

Pros and cons follow as you binge watch Rick and Morty. On the pro side, it’s sometimes a painfully hilarious series that delivers a crazy amount of laughter per episode with robust character arcs. On the con side, you may break your cerebrum.

Rick and Morty is a hard sci-fi with sharp edges and the bingeing pace can make it difficult to keep up with one concept after the next. The problem is you won’t be able to stop yourself, it’s enthralling how the show takes high roads and modifications with every episode. The series is so propulsive, gripping and utterly twisted, you can’t refrain clicking the watch next episode of insanity.

My Mad Fat Diary

Best TV Shows To Binge Watch
Source: Playbuzz.com

My Mad Fat Diary is one of the best TV shows to binge-watch. It aims to make you nostalgic about the 90’s and is truly gem of a series from the UK that follows a teenage girl Rae ( Sharon Rooney), as she navigates the perils of high school life while being overweight and trying to battle against depression.

Rae’s anxieties of never being good enough or that she’s forever misunderstood is highly relatable to all teens and universal too. As we travel through the episodes of this series, we can experience the bends in roads and moments of triumph. Like most other British series, this one is just 16 episodes over 3 seasons and a true binge watcher can complete it in a day’s time, and while Rae’s therapist Kester would encourage us not to binge watch, this one’s an exception. The series glorious Britpop soundtrack help you bring nostalgia at your doorstep.

Skins (UK)

Best TV Shows To Binge Watch
Source: Rife magazine

It started as a UK series that aimed to portray teenagers on their own terms ( the writing staff was young and the music was finely tuned. The stories of this TV show are all about everything a teenage experiences from raging hormones to to parties to awkwardness, the topsy turvy journey of growing up. Skin however became different as it wore on and the cast kept on changing.

But the first few seasons are full of beans and being carefree and happy as you watch the characters lives relate to your teenage self at some or the other point. Skins is not always perfect and won’t make sense a lot of times but it’s a journey alongside a number of young actors that make it vivacious to watch- even if you feel weighed down by schools, parents and unrequited love.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Best TV Shows To Binge Watch
Source: Gadgets.ndtv.com

When you have an array of series or TV shows to binge watch you possibly can’t miss on this gem- Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. The story revolves around Kimmy Schmidt who has been rescued from a derranged underground life away from the normal monotonous life, and then is unstoppable as she enters the real world.

Ellie Kemper’s joy as she enters the real world and experiences the city life will leave you spell bounded. Kimmy Schmidt is like a kid in a candy store, but here the city is her candy store and the comedy packed series is a treat to you. The comedy from Robert Carlock and Tina Fey tackles issues of PTSD and trauma in a way that it hilarious yet truthful. It was rumored that Kimmy Schmidt was nearly scraped, however Netflix trusted this show and we are glad it did.


Best TV Shows To Binge Watch
Source: Syfy wire

There’s a queer thing about animated series that grips you. It doesn’t matter how old are you, animated series still gorges it’s way to satisfy you. This is certainly true when it comes to Futurama, which is prone to standalone episodes as it is to multi-episode arcs. The sci-fi show makes it vulnerable to binge watch and makes you experience different worlds, meet new characters and explore new sci-fi ideas. However what consolidates the show are it’s core characters and the writer’s ability to make the show engaging by unique twists.

The West Wing

Best TV Shows To Binge Watch
Source: Amazon Prime

Television in the 90s and early 2000s wasn’t certainly framed to be binge -watched, but that doesn’t keep The West Wing non-worthy to binge watch. The West Wing chronicles the life of presidential advisers that get their personal life in a perile and extremely tangled up with professional duties as they attempt to conduct the business of running a country. It is granted as one of the greatest TV series of all time and it’s totally worth giving it a watch.

Stranger Things

Best TV Shows To Binge Watch
Source: Netflix

Streaming on: Netflix

Here’s where the line starts to blur between TV and films. The smash hit Stranger Things is filmic in nature with each and every episode in continuation, playing as a whole rather than standalone episodes, which makes it an element to binge watch. The Duffer brothers investigative drama alongside some supernatural elements emphasized by horror, science fiction and childlike sensibilities is a perfect treat for all sci-fi horror fans. It’s characterization more like a film than a TV series, makes it the most compelling shows. Even if the final episodes opens doors for many questions and expanded curiosity, the first two seasons have a clear beginning and end.

Breaking Bad

Best TV Shows To Binge Watch
Source: YouTube

Streaming on: Netflix

Watching Vince Gilligan and Peter Goild’s Golden Age series Breaking Bad can feel like an emotional marathon, but it’s totally worth to clamor throughout the journey. Breaking Bad is a series that veers left everytime you feel like you already know the story, it goes against your instincts leaving you surprised with each twist. As Walter White, the high school chemistry teacher turned drug kingpin, Bryan Cranston is constantly supported at every bend in the road by his enormously talented peers. Breaking Bad is a thoughtfully crafted show, each season feeling like a tightly-contained unit of adventure, pitch perfect storytelling formats and ambush twists.It will keep your nerves on end and your stomach in tangles for a relentless roller coaster of character drama through crime and punishment.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Best TV Shows To Binge Watch
Source: Vox

Streaming on: Hulu

Joss Whedon reinvented the television genre with Buffy The Vampire Slayer, the timeless teenage drama that chronicled the life of Buffy who is destined to battle evil forces.Buffy is the OG binge, even before the term was introduced to the millennials. Even after twenty years, watching Buffy is truly a delight and it still resonates the same energy as it did earlier. From being angst about high school to the topsy turvy early adulthood, this unique monster series have been loved over the long haul. It’s a thrilling monster series, delivering one hellish creature after the next with fantastic practical effects and pure passion for genre storytelling.

Russian Doll

Best TV Shows To Binge Watch
Source: Nytimes.com

Streaming on: Netflix

Netflix ‘s existential comedy Russian Doll traps the viewer’s attention in a time-loop with Natasha Lyonne’s Nadia- a women who kicks the bucket the night of her birthday party, only to wake up and keep reliving the night and deaths over and over again. Working from a script that Lyonne created with Amy Poehler and Leslye Headland, and proving that an actor’s best character is written by the actor itself. Cheeky and provocative, Russian Doll is equally hilarious and heart- rending , as it beautifully offers an insight into the self destructive loops we catch ourselves in and the empathy and self forgiveness that goes into it.

Broadchurch (Season 1)

Best TV Shows To Binge Watch
Source: netflix

Streaming on: Netflix

Missing and then found dead. This is how the life of villagers of Broadchurch is twisted when a young boy goes missing in the English coastal town and then is found dead. The investigation of the killer belonging to the tight-knit community, makes the life of the villages go through unexpected ups and downs. Broadchurch is not only well known for its crime story but the drama that the actors dive into, an exceptional cast that made the series a huge success. From the two detectives ( played by David Tennant and Olivia Colman) to the grieving mother ( Jodie Whittaker) contently trying to grip over her family, the series phenomenal setting is juxtaposed sharply with the darkness within it. However, the brutal conclusion will keep in staggered.

Orphan Black

Best TV Shows To Binge Watch
Source: Austotraddle

Streaming on: Amazon Prime

It’s all about clones and the amount of plot twists that tag along with it. No matter how crazy the plot might get, or how many number of clones are added to the original pack, the thing that will always grip you is the promising performance that Tatiana Maslany delivers each time as multiple members added to the Clone Club. Her distinctive performance skills stands out each and every character as Cosima, Sarah, Helena, Rachel, and the others and makes it look like completely different individuals, even when the share the same scenes. The mind-bobbling plots and pseudo-science , when binge watched takes a different rhythm that puts light on character drama, which can deeply affecting.

Gossip Girl

Best TV Shows To Binge Watch
Source: Idsnews.com

Pure propulsive soap and glamorous high-fashion spectacle. Gossip girl is as juicy and full of drama and does total justice to the name, chronicling the lives of high society private school kids residing in the Upper East Side of NYC. They are wildly fashionable, and engaging as they delve in never-ending drama, ever evolving chain of betrayals, each witty and well dressed than the other, and lives more twisted than Blair Waldorf,s perfect curls. XOXO Gossip Girl


Best TV Shows To Binge Watch
Source: The Playlist

Streaming on: HBO Go / Now

God knows, the tempting secrets of Westworld were flavorful when given out at a week by week pace and it was a pleasure to have enough time between every part to work out the bits of the riddle Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy affectionately created. All things considered, the arrangement likewise remunerates tearing through the scenes, particularly as a rewatch that permits you to see the full extent of the contorting, time-bending story. Set in an Old West amusement park where robots are at human disposal for whatever dark urges they may have, Westworld is a pitch-perfect equipoise of pulpy fantasy and cerebral science fiction, pressing in HBO’s signature sex and death display close by an overwhelming portion of complex mind twisters, and whether you’re watching it week to week or in one go, both vantage guides offer new features toward appreciate.


Best TV Shows To Binge Watch
Source: The independent

Streaming on: Hulu

Yes, we got our six seasons, but we’re still waiting for the movie. If you haven’t watched Community, what are you waiting for, Christmas? Binge watching Community is surely a delight. Dan Harmon’s disrespectful satire arrangement had its good and bad times over the seasons, however it was consistently one of the most honed and most abnormal comedies on TV, and it never shied from piercing the shows of the half-hour parody structure or totally breaking the form inside and out. Apparently about an investigation bunch at a perfectly unremarkable junior college, Community dances through kinds with complete chameleon opportunity, yet never loses sight over the long term arcs. Eventually, marathon watching Community sort of feels like spending time with a gathering of your most abnormal companions, and what’s not extraordinary about that?


Best TV Shows To Binge Watch
Source: Heaven of horror

Streaming on: Netflix

Something that marathon watching does, regardless, is it will in general delete one’s emphasis on the subtleties of every scene. Marcella is anything but an extraordinary arrangement, however it is an incredible marathon watch, since its pacing and central mystery permits you to get cleared up with its story while having the option to likely overlook a portion of its faults. Anna Friel gives a phenomenal exhibition as a gender-swapped version of the well established crime story hero: splendid, frequented, with a bombing private life on account of her commitment to her job in getting heinous killers. But then, Marcella herself is likewise inclined to blackouts and violent conduct, adding another layer to the secret with respect to what wrongdoings she may really be submitting (just as her questionable decisions to cover them up). All in all, couple of crime shows become as fast immersing as Marcella, which keeps you speculating until the end.

This is the list of 20 best TV shows to binge-watch right now. This list was last updated on August 4, 2020, we will keep uploading it on a weekly basis.

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