Top 5 Best Sites To Download Subtitle Movies And Series (June 2021)

Check out some of the best sites from where you can download your favorite movies in subtitles that you wish for.

Subtitle download becomes very important when you wish to watch a movie or a series of different dubbed language and understand what the characters are talking about. Subtitles are not only helpful for the ones that are physically impaired of hearing but can also help you explore content from different content in different languages and regions.

Subtitles are available nowadays in every movie or web series that you have downloaded but you may have downloaded the majority of the time it’s in English subtitles are provided. If you are well versed in English it becomes easy to see such English subtitle downloaded movies but what you want to see in some other language becomes difficult to find your movies in that particular sub.

Top 5 Subtitle Download Websites


OpenSubtitles is a one-stop destination for all your favorite subtitles movie downloads. OpenSubtitles has one of the biggest and best collection of all movie subtitles on the internet. It has a database of over Five Million collections in subtitled movies.

Open Subtitle is not only good for English subtitle downloads but also for all your subtitles languages. You should definitely give this amazing side the try. Open Subtitle is not only convenient to find all your subtitled movie download but it is also easy to navigate through the website.


The Search Bar is available on the site where you can type your required subtitle and the movie name which you wish to download. It will not only fetch the movie but also show you upload time comment etc. The Advanced Search feature is also available on the OpenSubtitle website from where you can search and download movies based on Age, Rating, Format, and more.


As the name suggests Addic7ed (Addicted) it’s truly gonna be a site that will have you addicted to its amazing features and subtitle download quality. Addic7ed not only helps you in downloading subtitles for movies but also for various TV Shows.

Addic7ed  will become your favorite once you start using and download subtitles from its site. Addic7ed has one small drawback that is to access its features you will have to first sign up on the website. Once you are done with the signup procedure you can proceed to now explore the website to download your favorite Subtitle movies and shows.


The site is very convenient you can not only search for your favorite subtitle but will also be able to check all upcoming Tv Shows and movies. Along with that Addic7ed also has an FAQ section and support forums which will give you a better user experience.


Podnapisi the name may sound a bit weird but you need not worry because this site is the best and extremely easy to browse through. You can download not only English subtitled movies and shows but will also be able to get access to various subtitle downloads for free.

Podnapisi has a collection of over 2 million subtitles for download, with over 58,000 movies and over 6,000 TV series. It allows you to search for subtitles downloads with the help of an advanced search bar. You can use keywords such as English subtitles, movie names, etc which will helps you in finding your content easily and efficiently.


The site has made sure to separate things into a clear section making navigation easy and if by chance you are facing any problems you can ask questions and discuss them on forums and get help.

Yify Subtitles

YIFY Subtitles is yet another best choice for subtitle downloads offering free downloads of movies in various languages. YIFY Subtitles does not have the feature of downloading subtitles for tv shows and is only providing download for movies.

YIFY Subtitles is not only safe to use privacy-free but also allows you to choose from vast collections of popular and recently released movies along with categories separating movies by each language.


The site has an easy search option and helps in giving you autosuggestions and also does not have any issue with having to register on the site to download your favorite subtitled movies.


Subscene is one the best sites from where you can download subtitles in various language genres and categories and has been around since 2005 making it worth mentioning the top 5 best sites to download subtitle movies and series for free. Subscene was originally made for aiding hearing-impaired people so that they can also download and enjoy movies in their preferred subtitle.

Subscene has a very easy to navigate interface making finding the subtitles downloaded links and page easy. The search bar is very helpful in letting you find the movies and tv shows easily. On the first page, you will be able to see all top and popular movies and forums helping you download your subtitles for free.


Subscene not only provides you with free subtitle downloads for your favorite TV shows and movies but also helps you in downloading popular music videos in any subtitled language that you wish for.

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