Top 9 Best Sites To Download Full Music Albums Free (June 2021)

We bring to you the top 9 best sites from where you can browse and download full music albums for free in 2021.

Music has become an important part of everyone’s life and listening to your favorite music without any interruption is very important. There are many online sites where you can get the best music experience, but these sites fail to live up to your expectation and having you leave disappointed.

Many android apps also provide you with songs and music but these sites and apps fail to give you all you want. Problems like bad interface, a small collection of music albums and sometimes when you get what you want you to have to pay to listen which makes it very inconvenient to get the best of music experience.

To solve all your problems we have made a list of the top 12  best sites to download your favorite music albums for free.

Top 9 Best Sites To Download Full Music Albums For Free In June 2021

1. iMusic


iMusic is one of the best sites from where you can download albums for free. iMusic is a one-stop destination for all your music needs and requirement. You can download your favorite music albums for free and browse through various genres and categories and find your favorite artist easily.

iMusic makes sure to give you the best experience and provides you with the best music and sound quality with just a few clicks. Navigation through the whole website is easy and you can get a music download done as quickly as possible.


It also has one more amazing feature which will make you want to be hooked on this site to browse and download your favorite download for free. If an error occurs while downloading the song, iMusic has a special feature where it will record that music from the built-in recorder and then provides you with a download link to that song.

iMusic along with its feature provides you with a premium music solution that you definitely won’t mind spending some of your money on after trying out the website during their free trial.

2. Jamendo


Jamendo is very popular for providing the best music surfing experience and you may have heard of it while searching or looking out for a site where you can download music albums for free. Jamendo provides you with the best music downloading experience as well and streaming it making it the best choice for all your music download needs.

Jamendo has a collection of 37,000+ albums out of which you can find the one you like and download the whole album for free without any hassle. If you wish to stream online you can go ahead and the best of music albums.


The website is user-friendly and is easy t browse through for the best of your music experience. Jamendo has one more plus point that you can also hear through it. YES, you heard it right you can get an earning opportunity through their commercial licensing. Jamendo is one of the best sites for downloading albums for free and hassle-free.

3. Stereokiller


If you are into music and would not only download your favorite music album Stereokiller is the site you are looking for. It’s a Killer site from where you can meet with other like-minded people who would love to talk about music and songs.


Stereokiller not only helps you in downloading full music albums for free but also helps in joining the music community which makes this site very interesting and well-liked. If you still haven’t found a site that would fulfill all your music needs give this site a shot and engage yourself in an amazing musical journey.

4. Audionautix


Audionautix is one of the most popular websites and is known for its huge variety of music albums and is very active with providing the latest and the best of songs and music. Downloading your favorite music album for free on Audionatix is very easy and convenient.


Audionautix has made it easy for the user to find the best of music not only by genres and categorizes but also has a feature especially to find the best music based on your mood. Making it the most popular site not only for its huge collection but also for getting the song that best fits your mood.

 5. BeeMP3s


BeeMP3s is yet another wonderful site from where you can find and download any song or music album for free. BeeMP3s is very convenient when it comes to downloading and you won’t even have to register for browsing or downloading from this site.

If you are confused about what you would like to listen to or download you can also find great suggestions on the first page of the site itself where their recommended top music will have you hitched on their amazing suggestion and suit your taste in music.

BeeMP3s front page will show you a collection of music from the top 20 artists and top 20 songs which will make it easy to find the most trending and well-liked music for you to download.

6. MP3juicies


MP3juice is a free mp3 search engine from where you can not only play but can also download music albums for free. Although it’s not very convenient in terms of browsing through content and finding the song you may like if you know the name of the song you can search it with the help of the search bar and download your favorite music album for free.

If you are looking for the easiest and fast way of downloading your favorite music album we highly recommend you to do so it’s easy simple and fast. It not only helps in downloading a full music album for free but also helps you convert a video’s audio into mp3.

Converting video audio to mp3 is very simple with the help of MP3juicies and you won’t even have to register an account to do so making it the best destination for all its music album downloading needs.

7. Free Music Archive


As the name suggests Free Music Archive is one of the best sources of downloading full music albums for free. It has an immense collection of music and whether you are into old times hits to jazz you will find all your music requirements filled on this site.

Now you might be wandering the site might be very complex considering such a huge collection of music and it will be difficult to find your favorite album you looking for. You have nothing to fear since the site has made sure to structure everything and sorted in a manner where you won’t find it difficult to search your music album.


And if you are into classical music this site Free Music Archive will be your favorite music album downloading destination for free.

8. Public Domain 4U


Public Domain 4U along with being the best site to download full albums for free is one of the most efficient and most easy-to-use one-stop destinations for all your music needs. Public Domain 4U has amazing features that will aid you in getting all your music solutions.

Public Domain 4U features are that will help you in selecting your favorite music from their vast Music Library. The structure and navigation throughout the website are very easy making it the best stop for you guys to download music albums for free without any hassle.


Since it’s a public domain music albums provided by it are not only just huge but you can even find and explore almost all categories and genres which include not only the latest music but also from classical to jazz etc. If you haven’t found the above-mentioned websites as good you can definitely give this one a try.

9. Bandcamp


Band camp is yet another amazing website and has been popular since the day it started. Since 2008 Bandcamp has become the best music albums free downloading site and for providing artists who are looking to upload their songs and make themselves known and set their own price.

The best thing about this site is that artists can upload for free and make names and money for themselves. Although there is one drawback that if you are looking for a site from where you can download albums for free you will be able to find very few of them that are free to download albums rest you will have to pay for.


Even after that, this site is still popular since fans and music freaks are ready to pay for these albums making Bandcamp one of the top 9 music album sites.

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