Best Chick Flicks 2021: Top 10 Best Chick Flicks Movies For Your Girls Night

Here is a list of best rom-com movies to watch with your BFFs on your Girls Night In.

There is probably nothing better in the world than some quality downtime with your gal pals. Whether it’s for a late-round of midnight gossip or going through an ugly breakup, having your BFFs by your side makes it all easier. And the best way to get over your troubles is with a perfect movie marathon with your girls. So stop scrolling through Netflix because we have curated the perfect list of chick flicks to watch on your Girls Night In!

Best Chick Flicks Movies For Your Girls’ Night (January 2021)

1. Bridesmaids


Bridesmaids is the perfect movie to get your funny bones tickling!

This chick flick revolves around a hilarious Kristen Wig who is trying to balance her life while being asked to be the maid of honour in her best friend’s wedding. The plot grows funnier when you see her competing with other bridesmaids. Turns out she is a terrible maid of honour and an even terrible friend!

2. Mean Girls


Remember that one diva gang in high school everyone hated but secretly wanted to be part of? That’s Mean Girls for you. 

This classic chick flick is the perfect feel-good movie we cannot get enough of. Although it may sometimes seem too impossible to relate it still remains one of the most fun movies to watch with your best friends.

3.The Parent Trap


You cannot talk about classic girl movies and not talk about the epic Parent Trap, it’s that simple.

The movie was way ahead of its time. The unbelievable Lindsay Lohan playing two characters with such ease made it even better. You cannot help but believe in true love after watching this magical love story play out so beautifully.



The question isn’t who has seen Clueless, the real question is HOW many times?

A smartly directed movie that goes way deeper than high school meanness, posh schools, and trying to fit in. The movie revolves around Beverly Hills High school’s fashionistas Cher and Dion who decided to give a newcomer a complete makeover. Their friendship with Tai, however, goes way beyond lipsticks and new clothes.

5. Legally Blonde


Reese Witherspoon is iconic in this movie about love, ambition, and balance between both.

If you are someone in need of finding herself while also being stuck behind that “one” guy, Legally Blonde is exactly what you need. Watch this chick click for some self-assurance boost you need to kickass in life, but with style.

6.Sex And The City 2

If you have more than 3 best friends, chances are you definitely know about Sex and The City!

While the movie is no comparison to the web series by the same cast, this movie comes a distinct second in our list. Sex and the City 2 is the elixir of best girl movies ever! The famous Carrie Bradshaw is back with her girls in Abu Dhabi for more glamour and drama and…  of course, loads of sex!

7.13 Going On 30


Remember when wanting to be an adult was our only wish? We sure know better now.

In 13 Going 30, a desperate Jennifer Garner makes a wish to be ‘thirty and flirty’ and lo behold come true! However, a whole minute later she discovers adult life is harder than it looks.

8.The Devil Wears Prada


I have said it once, I will say it again, Meryl Streep is the Best Actor in Hollywood.

Apart from being a movie filled with smart punchlines and laugh out loud sarcasm in every scene, this chick flick is worth watching for Anne Hathaway’s incredible performance.  The cast is perfect with the addition of an unforgettable Emily Blunt, Stanley Tucci, and an Iconic Louboutin stomping Meryl Streep.

9. Magic Mike


There is only one thing I would like to say- Channing Tatum dancing shirtless, half-naked. That’s it.

I’ll leave the rest to your own imagination. This is a perfect movie to watch with your girls while swooning and drooling over the incredible nakedness of Magic Mike boys. Interestingly, the movie is based on Tatum’s real-life experience as a male stripper.

10. 10 Things I Hate About You


Bianca Stratford and her never-ending case of dilemma. 

A family rule forbids her from dating until her unpopular, rebellious, boyfriend. The movie is hands down one of the best modern-day rom-com every. Before being Batman’s Joker, Heath Ledger won the audience’s heart with his performance as Patrick Verona. You absolutely cannot miss this one!

These are the top 10 best chick flick movies to watch with your besties. This list was updated on January 1, 2021, we will update it on a weekly basis.

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