Avneet Kaur And Jannat Zubair’s Ugly Fight To Break Their Friendship?

Avneet Kaur And Jannat Zubair seem to have gotten into an ugly fight with each other. Know the whole story below.

The entertainment industry has always been filled with tons of fights among popular actors and actresses. And it’s nothing surprising to see catfights among actresses. And it has been seen many times even best of friends end up at odds with each other. Many controversies are also around such fights and the cold war between artists and sometimes even social media Influencers.

Now if Rumors are to be believed two of the most popular TV actresses Avneet Kaur and Jannat Zubair are in some kind of cold war with each other. Avneet Kaur and Jannat Zubair have been very close friends with each other. Their friendship and bond are usually talked about.

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Although the spat between the two actresses does not have any confirmed news it is highly likely there may have been a fallout among them. Both Avneet Kaur and Jannat Zubair are quite popular and have a very huge fan base. Their social media is also flooded with amazing pics and entertaining content which has garnered a fairly huge amount of fans.

Avneet Kaur and Jannat Zubair have worked in various TV serials, Web Series and Music Video. They have also gotten opportunities to work in movies alongside Rani Mukherjee. Well, news on a fight between Avneet And Jannat is not yet confirmed. Let’s wait for more proper details on the rumors of the cold war among them.

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