This is how Arishfa Khan reacted when Avneet Kaur asked ‘fit or fat’ during lockdown

Avneet Kaur posted a cute photo of her and asked 'Are you getting fit or fat during this quarantine?

Avneet Kaur and Arishfa Khan are two of the most popular faces on TikTok. From working as a child artist on TV shows to her sizzling TikTok videos, Avneet Kaur has left people yearning for more.

Avneet Kaur — who is currently playing Yasmine in TV show Aladdin — is an avid social media user. She keeps her fans informed and updated about her day to day life on Instagram and TikTok. Whenever she posts something on Instagram and TiKTok, her posts go viral in no time.

There are millions of people who eagerly wait to see what new post she has in store for them. The social media sensation has proved her mettle in TV industry and winning hearts across on all social media platforms.

Recently, Avneet posted an adorable picture of her on Instagram and asked her fans and friends “Are you getting fit or fat during this quarantine?”

This Instagram post of Avneet Kaur went viral on the internet and people flooded the comment section with the phrase ‘wow cool post, thanks for sharing’? What caught everyone’s attention was Arishfa Khan’s answer.

Yes, you read that right!. We are talking about TikTok star Arishfa Khan. Reacting to Avneet Kaur’s question, Arishfa Khan said, ‘fat’.

Looking at her answer, looks like Arishfa Khan is not following her diet during quarantine period and getting fat because of the same. However, if you look at her recent Instagram posts, Arishfa Khan looks gorgeous as ever.

You can check out her latest Instagram post:

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