Here’s how Ariana Grande will always remember late ex-boyfriend rapper Mac Miller

Mac Miller breathed his last on September 7, 2018, after a drug overdose in California.

Ariana Grande will always miss her late ex-boyfriend Mac Miller with love. Mac Miller breathed his last on September 7, 2018, after a drug overdose in California. Ariana and Mac dated for two-and-a-half years before breaking up in 2018.

During a recent conversation on Apple Music, Ariana Grande kept gushing over Mac’s dedication towards his music. She detailed how nothing mattered to the rapper more than music and was a person who literally gave every second of his life to creating new music always.

“He was the kind of person who woke up and rolled into the studio, tumbled out of bed, into the studio next door. Nothing was more important,” she recalled. She further stated that Mac would not remember anything while creating music. “Talk about losing track of time and forgetting to eat, [having to] remind yourself to take care of yourself and be a person,” Ariana added.

Ariana was quoted as saying. “He was a person who gave literally every single second of his thought and time and life to his music,” she said. Ariana mentioned the rapper left the world with the gift of his music that people can keep in their hearts forever. “I think that’s so evident in what he’s left us with and just how many incredible and different bodies of work, everything from Blue Slide Park, K.I.D.S, to all the way through Divine Feminine, to Swimming, to Circles, to everything in between,” she said about Mac’s past albums, the last of which was released in January.

“It’s just such a beautiful gift, I think, that he kind of touched the world with. I think the thing he’d want most is for us to just appreciate it and not forget about it,” she added.

Recently, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber released their duet music video ‘Stuck With U’. Known to have earlier given excellent performances at concerts together, this is Justin and Ariana’s first official collaboration. The music video also features a compilation of various fan clips. The lockdown themed videos also gives a glimpse of many celebrities.

“We just wanted to make something fun that also helps and kind of makes people feel less alone or just be hopefully somewhat uplifting,” she added. She mentioned that with all the gloomy days the world is going through, this is just one of their attempts to treat people with pleasant music. “I think it’s also a really literally isolating time for people mentally, too. We wanted to put music out because music is the thing that makes people feel good,” he said.

These singers helped benefit First Responders Children’s Foundation, which will fund grants and scholarships for children of medical personnel, police officers, and firefighters working on the ground during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis with the song. “It’s the thing that speaks most to people’s spirits and we just wanted to lift them. So we thought it would be better to do it this way, working with the First Responders Children’s Fund,” she said.

The video features sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner, and Gwyneth Paltrow with her husband Brad Falchuk. It also features Demi Lovato happily shaking her leg with her boyfriend Max Ehrich. With the video, Demi officially confirmed that she is practicing social distancing with her boyfriend.

The most surprising appearance was made by Ariana’s beau Dalton Gomez. Even though we could barely take a look at the man in the hoodie, their passionate romance gave us butterflies, as the 7 rings singer danced with him all cuddled up in her bedroom.

Releasing a new album, the 26-year-old singer stated that she is not coming up with a new album any time soon. “I’ve been making stuff. I’ve been making a lot of stuff, but that’s not where my head is at right now,” she said. Speaking about the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the singer admitted that she is blessed to have all the privileges unlike a lot of people out there. “I know that a lot of people don’t have that luxury and a lot of people [have] jobs they can’t do it from home, so I feel guilty and blessed.”

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