Former AOA member Mina accuses Jimin of bullying her for a decade

In a Instagram poster, Mina also revealed that she had once attempted to commit suicide due to the bullying. 

Kwon Min-ah, popularly known as Mina, a former AOA member took to social media and alleged that she had been the victim of the bullying by AOA leader, JIMIN.

Initially, Kown wrote on Instagram, “I really do want to disappear [from the entertainment industry], but I have to look after my mom.”

“I guess now there’s going to be a lot of messages calling me empty-headed. Yes, I am. I didn’t have the chance to become educated because I had to start earning money from a young age for my family,” She wrote further.

In a Instagram poster, Mina also revealed that she had once attempted to commit suicide due to the bullying.

“Because we were in the same car, she just [forced] me to take mood stabilizers and sleeping pills, and I fell asleep. I could feel that I was breaking down bit by bit even though I had a busy schedule. I even attempted suicide because of her.”

Responding to Mina’s allegation, JIMIN took to Instagram and posted and deleted the message that stated ‘FICTION’, seemingly denying all the allegations made by Mina.

Proving the allegations true, Mina shared a picture of her wrist with multiple deep scars and wrote a caption asking JIMIN to acknowledge what she did to her and apologize for the same.

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소설?이라기엔 너무 무서운 소설이야 언니 흉터치료3~4번 했더니 연해졌어 근데 언니 기억이 안사라져 매일 매일 미치겠어 지민언니 난 법? 뭐 소송? 돈 없어서 못해 정신적 피해보상? 뭐 다 필요없어 할 생각없고 난 그냥 내가 언니 때문에 망가진게 너무 너무 억울하고 아파 힘들어 내가 바라는 건 내 앞에와서 잘못 인.정. 하고 진심어린 사과 한마디면 그거면 될 것 같아 나 괴롭힌 언닌 너무 잘 지내고 있잖아..난 매일이 눈 뜨는게 고통인데 말이야 근데 집은 먹여 살려야해서 말이지 인정 좀 하고 사과 좀 해주라 나도 마음에 응어리진 것 좀 풀자 응?

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Mina debuted in AOA in the year 2012 and left the group in 2018 to become an actor.

When asked for a comment about the posts, her agency, Woori Actors Entertainment, told local media outlet News1 that they are “personal” but said that the agency will keep an eye on her.

“She is on medication due to her panic disorder, and we are closely watching her,” an insider told the media outlet.

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