Anand Gandhi to team up with Sushant Singh Rajput for his next sci-fi film?

Tiltled Emergence, the film revolves around four scientists who sets out to win a fight against a novel pandemic.

Known for“Tumbbad” Anand Gandhi opens up about his upcoming directorial venture – a science-fiction revolving around a novel pandemic. Titled Emergence, the film has been in its formative stage for the last five years. It talks about four scientists as they fight a deadly pandemic to save the world from getting devastated.

The COVID-19 pandemic led Anand to make some quick revisions on his srcipt. “[Earlier] we had planned to give information about the nature of a pandemic [through the film]. Now that we all know what it’s like to be in the midst of one, I don’t have to educate the audience about its nuances. So, we have had to make some changes in the script,” he told

The focus is now been put deliberately on the crux of the story. “I can directly take the audience to the understanding of host behaviour manipulation of a parasite. The idea that our microbiome informs our behaviour is better understood now than ever before. I want to use a pandemic setting as a deeper investigation into the nature of human identity and social behaviour,” he shared.

Anand had previously intended to cast Irrfan Khan in the film but due to the recent demise of the actor, he is now planning on roping in Sushant Singh Rajput.

“It’s unfortunate that I took so long to write it. I wish Irrfan could have been a part of it,” he said. “Sushant is a dear friend, and I always work on the assumption that he will be part of what I create. I also have Australian actor Hugo Weaving V For Vendetta in mind. Most importantly, I need four women actors for the principal cast.”

Emergence is set to go on floor next year. Initially laid down in 2020, the director has now decided to reveal the story in 2025.

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