Tik Tok Star Aamir Arab Reveals About His Relationship With Muskan Sharma

Amir Arab in an exclusive interview with Bollywood Issue spoke about his relationship with Muskan Sharma.

Tik Toker and famous Internet celebrity Amir Arab in an event was talking about his relationship with Muskan Sharma. Both Amir and Muskan are famous social media celebrities and are well-liked by the viewers.

Amir Arab and Muska Sharma are well known for their amazing looks and style.  They made quite a name for themselves for posting various dance and lip-sync videos on their social media handles. Both have a massive fan following and are seen in many videos opposite each other.

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Fans are in love with their chemistry and the videos they make and even rumors on their relationship are spread throughout the internet. During an event in an exclusive interview with Bollywood Issue, Amir Arab spoke about his relationship with Muskan Sharma.

Amir Arab started off by saying that Muskan is his very good friend and shed light on the comments and likes regarding his rumors of dating Muskan. When asked about any possibilities of seeing Muskan and Amir as a couple together Amir replied by saying that fans will keep seeing Muskan and him in videos but right now they are just friends.

Amir Arab also spoke about how is his interaction with Muskan in real life where he mentioned that both of them do not interact much behind the camera and meet only for videos and such. When asked if he has any plans of getting in a relationship Amir blushed saying maybe ‘Sochege’ and brushed of the question by saying ‘Aur Bhi Bhaut Sari Ladkiya Hai Yaar Muskan Pe Hi Kyu Atke Ho’.

At the end of the interview, Amir spoke about his bond with his parents and mentioned his plans for any future projects. And ended by thanking his fans for all the love and support they have given.

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