AMC Theaters excludes V’s name from the cast of BTS’ upcoming film, Fans trended #BTSIs7

BTS member V's name is nowhere to be seen in the cast and crew for their upcoming film 'Break The Silence: The Movie'.

Fans of Kim Taehyung seem to be quite angry as their favorite BTS member V’s name is nowhere to be seen in the cast and crew for their upcoming film ‘Break The Silence: The Movie’. Apart from omitting his name from the cast and crew, V’s part was not mentioned in the acceptance speech resulting in furious fans trended multiple hashtags on Twitter.

A fan of V took to Twitter and schooled AMC Theaters saying that there are 7 members in BTS and all them will be featuring in their upcoming movie ‘Break The Silence’. She also requested AMC Theaters to include Taehyung’s name as soon as possible.

She was not the only person who took this matter into consideration. There are thousands of Taehyung’s fans who trended multiple keywords such as “WE LOVE YOU TAEHYUNG”, “BTS IS 7” and “KIM TAEHYUNG” on Twitter after AMC Theaters forgot to include BTS V’s stage name in the cast and crew page in the upcoming movie ‘Break the Silence.

For the unversed, this is not the first time this happened with BTS’ V. Earlier, when there last film was about to release, Taehyung’s name was also missing.

Apart from this, last week, a renowned media organisation did not include BTS’ V’s photo in promotional tweets for the film.

There are fans who pointed out that the mistake of omitting V’s name and credential has happened in various times in the last 13-days.

Fans across the world are expressing their displeasure at this incompetence and constant exclusion of BTS’ V by some organizations like clockwork.

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