A Virtual Home Tour: Let’s Explore Ambani’s Billion Dollars Heritage-Antilia

A sneak peak into world's second most expensive home in the world.

Mukesh Ambani and Antilia are two famous names that often come along when talking about rich men and huge mansions. Antilia, a mansion of the Ambani’s and the reflection of their industrialist family’s legacy of wealth and triumph in the business world.

Towering over South Mumbai, Antilia is located on one of the most expensive location in the world i.e on the Altamount road. The house is a 40 storey building with 400,000 square feet is worth 2 billion dollars. Also Read | 5 Amazing Habits Of Isha Ambani, The Only Daughter Of Billionaire Mukesh Ambani

The house is named after the mythical island ‘Antilia” in the Atlantic Ocean. This soaring miracle that is the gem of Mumbai was designed by the Chicago based firm, Perkins and Will in collaboration with Leighton Holdings, a renowned Australian construction company. Today, the Ambani’s heritage qualifies as the second most expensive home in the world, only after the Buckingham Palace.

Here are a few facts about the billion dollar heritage, Antililia

A billion dollar home

Located in one of the expensive neighbourhoods of the world, the Ambani’s home is worth almost 2billion dollars

An exhibit of Antilia’s strength

The house is built by an architectural firm and executed by a sub-par construction group. This over-arching building can survive an eathquake of 8 magnitudes on the Ritcher scale. Did you know?
Antilia actually consists of 27 floors but appears to be a 40 storey building because of his high ceilings. 600 staffs are always on duty to maintain this heritage.

Lavish facilities

This house has everything you want. The resources and facilities in this house, surpass the realms of reality. The mansion has a 50 seater movie theatre, a full fledged salon and a rooftop helipad. A huge temple and an ice cream parlour too.

High-tech and well-equipped interiors

Antilia is fully air conditioned from top to bottom. Amabani’s house has a snow room that releases snowflakes from it’s ceiling, with a comforting respite from the scorching heat and humidity of the city.

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