THIS is the truth behind Alisha Wainwright and Justin Timberlake’s secret relationship!

Rumors regarding Alisha dating Justin Timberlake – a singer turned actor sparked during the filming of "Palmer" in late 2019.

Alisha Wainwright is an American actress widely known for her character as “Nicole Reese” opposite to Michael B Jordan on Netflix’s original series ” Raising Dion” launched in the fall of 2019.

Besides her exceptional acting skills, she gained an immense amount of fame on her work front. Not to forget, her name popped in a sensational scandal that sparked a  separate reputation for her.


Alisha Wainwright was born on 14th July 1989 to multi- cultured parents- Jamaican Mother and Haitian Father. She was raised as Alisha Ena Wainwright in hometown Florida. She pursued Botany aspiring for Ph.D. as well, although she intended to choose the entertainment industry.

During this period, she moved to the Bay area and shortly made a kickstart to her acting career with roles in short films such as “Smosh”, “Murder on Mind”, “Just Before I Go.”, Simultaneously appearing in Television series such as ” Criminal Minds,” “Perception,” “Lethal Weapon” and her elite role as Maia Roberts in Sci-Fi series Shadowhunters.”
Her recent project to cover “Raising Dion, ” a Netflix series.


According to, rumors regarding Alisha dating Justin Timberlake – a singer turned actor sparked during the filming of “Palmer” in late 2019.

The two took respite from their hectic schedule shot from the balcony where they were spotted sharing a deep conversation for a long 45 minutes before walking to the suit.
On the contrary, Alisha rested her hand on Justin’s knees before he then played with her hands by holding his. The leaked footage grabbed headlines instantly and created quite a buzz.

Justin is known for his happily- marriage to Jessica Biel’s personality and was effectively injured post the incident. He apologized with a heartfelt private note on social media, prominently being too drunk to have no control over his action and hence had no memory of the same.

Alisha has been keeping her personal life away from the paparazzi since the initial days of her career due to which there’s a minimum amount of data regarding her personal life. When enquired about the alleged rumours, she made it clear it was a mere casual act and moreover, they were drunk.

Current reports suggest, that she is single,focusing only on a career at this stage. She  definitely holds an inspiration to the millenials out there.

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